Glass Hound

Once a wild dog, this creature has been warped by the magics left in the land of the Northern Savannah. Its coat and teeth are now magically reinforced glass shards, and its eyes glow balefully. The gentle tinkling of its coat belies its ferocity, and they are seldom encountered alone. The favoured tactic of Glass Hounds is to chase their prey across the savannah, exhausting it sand wounding it with bites and slashes, before finishing the kill. To date, no Glass Hound has been successfully domesticated, despite numerous attempts.

  Glass Hound   Type: Corrupted   HP: 10 DEF: 12 AGL: 4 PRCP: 4 MVMT: 4 ALT: 3   Attack Specialization 1: Bite   Bane Focus: Knockdown  

Basic Information


THe Glass Hound is ~75cm tall at the shoulder, and weighs between 30 and 45 kg. They retain the general features and builds of the wild dogs they were before their change. Interestingly, they seem to develop different colouration patterns based on the presence or absence of obsidian in the area during their change.

Genetics and Reproduction

Sages currently believe that Glass Hounds are non-sexual after their change, and no pups or pregnant females have been observed. Packs have been seen herding unchanged wild dogs towards the areas where they were changed, and it is thought that this is how they maintain or increase their pack sizes.

Ecology and Habitats

Glass Hounds prefer the savannah over other climates, and have displaced particular preference for areas of high residual magic.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Glass Hounds are carnivores who prefer fresh kills.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Glass Hounds live and hunt in packs numbering 2-19 individuals. Alone, they're dangerous, in a pack, even tested adventurers can be tested.


No Glass Hound has beeen successfully domesticated, even though the wild dogs they come from can be. Sages suspect this is an effect of the magic that creates them.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Glass Hound fangs are beautiful, and make for popular jewelry. Their coats can be ground down and fired to create high quality glass.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Glass Hounds are common on the Northern Savannah, and uncommon to rare elsewhere on the Southern Continent.

Average Intelligence

Animal Intelligence

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Glass Hounds have an exceptional sense of smell.

Unknown, theoretically forever.
Average Height
75 cm at the shoulder.
Average Weight
30-45 kg
Average Length
85 to 100 cm from nose to hips, with a 20 to 30 cm long tail.


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