A rare mineral, adamant requires powerful and advanced blast furnaces, or volcanic levels of heat, to work. Considered a precious metal and valued higher than gold or silver, its main use is in creating adamant metal and adamant alloys. Pure adamant items are comparatively rare, but even as little as a 99.9:0.1 alloy of copper to adamant can produce an allow with the properties of good iron and with corrosion resistance of copper. This alloying process is a closely guarded secret of those who know it, and produces a number of in demand alloys. Some peoples, in lands rich with the mineral, have retained the adamant Oboloi, a coin from the Age of Dragons.   Adamant processing has a numbe rof byproducts, the most common of which is commonly referred to as "True Pitch". True Pitch is a dye of absolute black, popular for clothing, darkening equipment, and for use as tattoo ink. Peoples with access to adamant and the ability to process it often have impressive and well developed tattooing practices.


Physical Characteristics

Adamant is the darkest mineral that occurs on Iosterra, and feels like heavy, compacted soot in its natural form. Themineral is so dark that it appears to absorb light. It can easily permanently stain skin and clothes alike.


Adamant is extremely dense and fine when found, and is slightly warm to the touch at all times. Its composition is such that it is unaffected by all but the most extreme heat sources.

Geology & Geography

Adamant is found in the deepest parts of the earth, and is sometimes found in the deposits formed by certain types of volcanos.

Origin & Source

Adamant appears ot be a narturally occuring mineral ore, to the best of the knowledge of modern sages.

Life & Expiration

Adamant is a stable, inert material.

Adamant has a pleasant, smokey scent that makes the foundries that process it nice to live near.
Adamant tastes metallic, like iron but more extreme.
Black. Flat, light absorbing black.
Melting / Freezing Point
1600ÂșC melting point
Common State
When found in nature, adamant is a compacted powder like substance that feels like heavy soot. It typically forms a strata layer in other forms of rock, and always under extreme pressure; by weight or eruption.


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