Ruin World Iosterra

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Ruin World Iosterra is a vast realm of adventure, fractured and bent by magics unleashed in an ancient war. Its peoples live in an age of exploration and discovery, building a new world even as they plunder and hide from the old one. Walled cities and villages protect the people of Iosterra from the perils and monsters that prowl its vast wildernesses. Laying between these bastions of safety are the ruin dotted wildlands, filled with danger and treasure beyond the wildest dreams of most. It is a world where adventurer guilds, mercenaries, ruin raiders, and strange things left from the Lost Era vie for control of ancient ruins and lost cities as merchants, explorers, and the common folk try to rebuild their world form shattered pieces. Iosterra is a world of promise amid ruin, and hangs between an unending dark age and a potential golden future.  
This game setting is being designed for Open Legend, with stats and details for Dungeon World and a variant of Basic Fantasy RPG being long term possible prospects for it. The choice is because this is a story driven setting, conforming better with the Open Legends system than a conventional level based game system. Its origins are rooted in a number of similarly themed campaign settings I've developed for games over the years, unabashedly mined for ideas to build this single world.   Ruin World Iosterra has been made using a holistic approach, where each place and part of the world has been considered against the larger picture, in an effort to avoid the "patchwork" feel of worlds created using a more atomistic (or silo'd) approach. A vast and complex world, each region is approached with the same care and attention of its neighbours to give the same solid baseline to players and game masters alike to develop their stories from.
So, please, enjoy Ruin World Iosterra.
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