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Worldember 2023

The Teller sat alone beneath the starry sky, back propped up against a large boulder, legs outstretched, eyes fixated on the flickering bonfires below. The sounds of celebration and the smell of burning wood wafted up to him on the soft night wind. In the distance, he could hear the soft timbre of voices lifted in song, the clinking of drinking horns, the murmur of laughter, and the occasional jolt of the ground as a pair of dancers stumbled against the earth, falling, drunkenly, to the ground.
"The embers rise again" a voice spoke from the darkness to his right.
He nodded his head. "That they do," he answered quietly, not even looking in that direction.
"What are you thinking?" the voice asked, as the teller knew it would. It was the same question the voice asked every time the teller found himself sitting like this, gazing out over a celebration, remembering another celebration.
"I am thinking of other gatherings," the teller said, the corner of his mouth lifting slightly.
"When the embers rose to the heavens" the voice answered.
"Aye, that's right," the teller responded as a fairy danced across the tips distant bonfires, leaving a trail of sparkling light in her wake.
"A different time," the voice continued.
"A different time," the teller agreed.
"They will remember this gathering as well," the voice observed.
"I know they will," the teller replied. "They have not forgotten the others, and they will not forget this one."
"It will live in memory" a whistful sigh escaped the darkness.
"For as long as there are those who can speak of it, they will not forget" he said, watching a giant of a man lift his arms high in the air, voice bellowing with laughter as the people cheered and lifted their cups to his tale. "For as long as stories are told, the celebration will be remembered."
"A long time," the voice answered.
"A very long time" the teller confirmed, still staring off into the distance, lost in thought. Far above them, a woman, skin as blue as the morning sky and crowned in stars, painted a tapestry across the heavens.
"You told the stories," the voice said.
"I have told them before."
"And you will tell them again," the voice observed, and the teller could hear the smile behind the words.
"Oh yes," he answered, and he looked to his right, his smile widening as his eyes locked on the open book, a sentence left half finished on the white paper "I will tell them again. And more besides"
"Good," and he felt a hand press softly against his back, pushing him forward ever so slightly "best not keep them waiting".
The teller closed the book, standing slowly to his feet and moving towards the sounds of celebration. "No, best not," he agreed, taking a deep breath. He felt the book tremble in his hand, knowing, in his heart, that he was exactly where he wanted to be. "After all," he whispered, his voice carried away on the night wind. "The tale must go on"
"Let the embers fly" the voice called, trailing into the dark.
"Yes," the teller answered, his eyes glinting as he stepped into the light. "Let the embers fly"

Week 1 prep

And so it begins. Worldember. Only my second time stoking the fires but the last time was so much fun I can't reist joining in this one.


The biggest problem I've had with my own worldbuilding is scale; I like big worlds and I cannot lie. I have a lot of ideas but all are so spread out that they feel very disconnected. So for this worldember I'm going to focus on two specific areas of Resai:
  1. The foundations: Be it ancient history, core sentient species or magic, I feel I have avoided speaking about the pillars of resai for far too long.
  2. A single region: To reduce the scale i'm working at, I plan to focus on the lands of Swathia. It is my hope to build on what I write in worldember and completely flesh out this place, its people and the myths and legends hiding in the shadows.

Week 2 prep


Though I think I've answered this accidently in my focus, I can go into a little more depth. The scope will centre around Swathia, a land on the western coast of Abren. A beautiful region, it has, in its long history, suffered from internal conflict, outside invaders and things far worse. I have a lot of ideas i want to explore here but will keep it to just a few select areas, the land itself being the main focus of my attentions for now.


As with all of resai, the theme that lays at the heart of this worldbuilding project is the consequences of actions. Be it war, politics or natural events, everything has a cause and effect, and that is what I want to delve into more.


My father used to tell me stories of ancient greek, king arthur and pretty much every grim tale there is. I have him and his ceaseless desire to show the wonders and horrors of the world to inspire me.

Week 3 prep

My homepage is a mess, that's a fact. I have a rough idea as to what I want to do with it but I'm always drawn to other areas that I want to work on. Once worldember is over I do plan to sit down and write a pitch as well as finish writing my introduction ( which has been half done for months now).

Week 4 prep

Pretty much all my attention currently is making a rough outline of Swathia's history, tying it in with events that take place externally and designing a map of the region based on that information. Its enjoyable and i'm finding my love for mapmaking rekindled by the endevour.   Good luck to everyone <3

Week 1 Minor prep points

  • Prepare the stubs: I have a few ideas in mind but nothing concrete yet. Making a few stub will atleast get me started when december rolls around.
  • Improve my css wizardry:I've been learning quite a bit about css and want to put it to full use this worldember, incorperating what i know into as many articles as possible.
  • Finish this bottle of bailys

Week 2 Minor prep points

  • Reorganise categories: My categories were largely in a mess and its mostly my own fault. "Does a settlement go in its own category or should it be just beneath a geographic article?" etc. etc. I think I've organised them into a somewhat cohesive folder system but no doubt it'll change again once more articles are added.
  • Set up an index: I've seen a lot of fellow anvilities creating indexes for their world and to help with the organisation of new articles, I added my own. Quite empty and it shows I've been neglecting this world. Hopefully the next year will set that to rights.

Cover image: by Jandis with midjourney


Author's Notes

There are a few refence to fellow anvilites in the story. :)

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Nov 4, 2023 19:52 by Annie Stein

I really liked the little story. It's so charming, these two old friends. I can imagine them holding just about the same conversation, year after year, each year with another layer of meaning in it.   I hope you have an excellent Worldember this year too. Let the embers fly!

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Nov 5, 2023 04:06

Thanks. I wasn't originally planning to write it but worldember seems to spark something in my creativity. I hope you have an excellent worldember as well :)

Nov 4, 2023 21:14

Great and touching little story, it will be great to read your articles during this WE. I look forward to your flying embers.

Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.
Nov 5, 2023 04:10

Thanks for the lovely comment. My mind is racing with ideas for worldember and i hope to share them with everyone.

Nov 4, 2023 22:55 by Elspeth

"The tale must go on" I love that and love your story. Looking forward to seeing more!

Nov 5, 2023 04:12

Thanks! I was actually surprised it came out so well. I hope to really flesh out my world this worldember.

Nov 9, 2023 10:22 by Fall

Good luck with WorldEmber! The story at the start was a really refreshing take on prep articles like this one, great job. Also as an aside, your theme is coming along nicely!   I'm really looking forward to seeing what you'll make this year.   Remember to have fun!

Nov 9, 2023 11:41

Thanks! I think i've finally settled on a theme I like. hopefully, i can improve it in the future :)

Nov 13, 2023 22:28

Sounds like you have some good plans for WE. Loved the introduction story, I could imagine those two doing this time and time again. Im looking forward to read what you come up with this year. Have a great worldember and let the embers fly.

Sit down, my friend, and let me tell you of Aran'sha . A world where the sands shift and the stars sing, where the wind carries secrets and the twin moons keep silent vigil over it all.
Nov 21, 2023 17:29

Having the minor prep points is actually a good idea. Getting a little more 'prep' done before actual worldember might be really beneficial. Liked your little lists there :3

I like big worlds and I cannot lie.
I getchu. >:]

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