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In the year 657 of the Requiem Eternal

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"You think you know these lands? You think you know hope? Look around you. These lands are dead. Hope is dead. Killed. Killed by us, killed by them, killed by blood, war and fire, killed by fury, faith and fear. Vel'Hamran lit the flame, but we built the pyre.
Yet still we must walk these lands, for we know no others. As our savior Tiaran before us, we must brave the flame and emerge unscathed. We must brave the dark and emerge with light in our souls. We must brave all, for we are the Vindictum Mortis, and if we do not, there may not be a land to walk much longer...
— Angelis Dominus Cerbrenus Holyblade

A cross the six Forsaken Worlds of Requiem, the eternal battle between the. Heavens above and the Darkness below is coming to a brutal crescendo. Angels and aberations, demons and draugr stalk the lands, casting a long shadow over the hearts of mankind. The Gods were struck down long ago, and the last great cities put to the torch in an age now long past, and the few nations that remain are brutal autocracies, or unequal theocracies dominated by the Holy Church. Mankind wanders the ruins, barely more than beasts searching for scraps in the graveyard of its former glory. Primitive religions and unholy cults spring up from this downward spiraling population like weeds from untended soil, poisoning the heart and soul of all who hear the gospel of these foul demagogues. The nations vye for petty victories, disparate and discordant against the Demonic threat that only united they can face.

The only thing standing between mankind and the undying terrors of the Abyss are the grim warriors of the Vindictum Mortis, angelic knights, their souls forfeit to Vel'Hamran in exchange for their incredible power. All Vindictum know that they have but one year before they must make good on their bargain, and go to their untimely grave, but until that day they will do whatever it takes to save Mankind.

You could enter these lands today, but be warned, for their is no hope, no glory, to be found here. In this land of blood and fire their is only death to be taken...

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