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Requiem 2024

Written by Occasional Anvilite

Once again a new year has dawned on the cold, lifeless plains of Requiem. This year though, a little life inhabits thse plains, or could...
That life, my dear traveller, is you. However many heroes and villains, mortals and demons, walk this world, the true inhabitants will always be the reader. You have walked the realms of imagination, and I hope you enjoyed it! There are still many realms yet left untold, and by the next WA awards perhaps there will be a few more worlds to peruse, but until then, Requiem is here, so why not enter?
Requiem has grown much this year, and the year before. I have worked hard to up my writing game, and I think the articles this year are far better than those before.

Why not consider a few of my articles for your vote this World Anvil Awards season? You don't even need an account, though you probably have one by now (and if you don't you should), merely an email adress. It would mean a lot to get anywhere with this, so thanks you for considering these offerings for your vote, and, most importantly, enjoy.

Pillars of Progress

My personal favourite article I've written, Twilight Melodica! A haunting story of how music can both bring together and drive apart a tribal community, and the esoteric necromancy (Or is it kindness? - you decide!) practised by the Ushkari people.

by Microsoft Copilot

Twilight Melodica
Item | Mar 12, 2024

Wondrous Nature

And now for a slightly older, and far shorter, article, an extract from the journal of curmudgeonly scholar Lamnas the Wise, the foremost expert on the flora and fauna of Anthan'Angbar.

by Microsoft Copilot

Acta Animalia - The Ilshin
Species | Feb 6, 2024

Rise of Nations

Another favourite of mine up next, and a document this time. This is of course the Declaration of Sovereignity, more commonly know as the Annexation of Drakeveinae. This one is a little less polished, but enjoy nonetheless.

Declaration of Sovereignty over Drakeveinae
Document | Jan 24, 2024

Strength and Honour

And now my final entry to this award, the noble Vindictum. One of the first proper articles I wrote, and, I believe, the first to contain images and quotes (and, probably definitly a bad idea, songs).

A tall figure in silver full body armour and with angelic wings stands in a cathedral.

Vindictum by Cutout pro AI art creation

The Vindictum Mortis
Organization | Jan 17, 2024

Well that's about it for this one, and if you like the articles, do vote for the. Thanks, and happy worldbuilding!

Cover image: by Microsoft Copilot (edited by me)


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