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The Vindictum Mortis

The Last Hope Of Mankind

The Vindictum Mortis, commonly called the Vindictum, is a major paramillitary orginisation with religious and political branches. They are cursed warriors, their powers of endurance and strength coming at the price of their souls. 


The Vindictum is a meritocracy, structured by power and strength. The greatest amongst them are the Angelis Dominus, great winged figures who rule with justice and might. Below them stand Wardens, magical guardians of the Ancient Lands, and after that the Keepers, magicians and scholars who keep the orginisation running, and maintain the secrets of the Chalice Encarmine. Many formal ranks intercede, but practicaly below them are the Hostmen, the warriors who populate the Hosts of Iron.   Ranks in Order
  1. The Angelis Dominus - Inner Sanctum - Act as a ruling council & lead them in war
  2. The Angelis Dominus Minor - Inner Sanctum - Act as less important leaders & generals
  3. Wardens of the Past - Inner Sanctum - Guard the secrets & outposts of the Vindictum
  4. Keepers of Life - Outer Sanctum - Lead the magical aspects of the Angels & initiate new members
  5. Godslayers - Outer Sanctum - Lead the forces in battle and learn the rituals to banish Gods
  6. Noctis Aeturnam Angelis - Outer Sanctum - Spies and saboteurs who use powers of darkness to attack
  7. Drakecallers - Hosts of Iron - Drake riding warriors who lead the charge in the air
  8. Charioteer - Hosts of Iron - Warriors who lead the fearsome beasts of the Hosts into battle
  9. Hostmen - Hosts of Iron - Basic warriors with few powers, the rank and file of the armies
  10. Mortals - Subjects - Scholars and workers who provide assistance & knowlege to the Angels


The Vindictum have many assets, including almost the entire supply of Knose, a valuable ancient currency forged from gold in the Heavens. They use this as a trade coin amongst each other, and ocasionaly with trusted outsiders. Technicaly, it is ilegal for any loyal churchgoer to trade with Vindictum, but that rule is rarely followed. Their headquarters, at Angelhaven in the nation of Vaanis, is one of the strongest forts outside of Alnaryon. A sprawling complex, it spiders up the flanks of the White Peaks, battlements and towers rising out of the stone. The golden spires rise from the peaks, spiraling up to the heavens, and into the darkness.   They also own full weapons and armour, forged of Heavenly Gold, for their ten thousand strong host, and chariots for their horseman and generals.

Mythology & Lore

The Vindictum and their mortal followers commonly recount the mythology and origins of their groups as songs and prose. What follows is a bare few of their ballads  
  This is one of the better known tales of the Vindictum, recalling Tiaran's quests to the Underworld to save the Heavens which ultimately led to the creation of the first Angels  
In days of yore, when stars aligned,
Tiaran, prince with valor refined,
Set forth to seek a treasure enshrined,
A chalice radiant, lore intertwined,
He ventured forth with fate entwined.   Through perilous paths, he did embark,
Braving the dark with a valiant spark,

To depths where shadows loomed stark,

With courage he strode, his oath to mark,

Tiaran pressed on, the abyss to hark.
    Through trials dire and trials austere,
He sought the chalice, devoid of fear,

Encountering demons that did leer,

Yet his resolve remained clear,

Tiaran, stalwart, to the chalice drew near.
    At the gates of hell, he stood upright,
Confronting Vel'Hamran, devoid of fright,

Bartering for the chalice's light,

A pact he struck in the dead of night,

Tiaran emerged, celestial might in sight.
    With Chalice Encarmine, he soared high,
To realms above, 'neath azure sky,

Molded essence into beings never to die,

Angelic forms began to multiply,

Tiaran, creator, his victory was nigh.
    In battle's heart on Veliandle Hill,
Angelic hosts charged with iron will,

Breaking the siege, victory to instill,

Much blood of the dark they did spill,

Tiaran's legacy, triumphant still.
    And the tale, it sings in whispers long,
Of Tiaran, valiant, his spirit strong,

When demons rise, and shadows throng,

His legend echoes, a timeless song,

Tiaran, in memory, forever belongs.
    Thus ends the lore, of deeds unknown,
Of a hero's journey, to realms unshown,

Tiaran's courage, his legacy sown,

In realms below and realms that shone,

Tiaran's tale, in eternity's zone.
  • An ancient prose of unknown origin believed to have originated in Vaanir in the late 200s BGF

  • This piece is more modern, and scholars attribute it to the great bard Leavinus Crom who lived in Angelhaven circa 470 OER until his death in 560 OER, as the court bard to a mortal noble who resided in Angelhaven whilst his castle was requisitioned. He is said to have been inspired by the sight of an annual memorial to Tiaran by a sect of Angels, and he wrote this poem on Tiaran's travels.
    One soul dared brave the flame alone,
    Soul of a devil into that of a god now grown,

    Venturing deep into the dark unknown,

    Journeying a pact to make, sins to atone,

    He walks the realms, Tiaran heir to the throne,
        He strode through death, fire and war,
    Held by no chain, blocked by no door,

    Wherever he went, inspiring awe,

    Traveling with those who to him swore,

    He walks the realms, Tiaran keeper of lore,
        He journeyed long through lands most hard,
    Bearing his hosts ever swiftly onward,

    Blocked by no wall, stopped by no guard,

    Against all evil he found he warred,

    He walks the realms, Tiaran the Demon shard,
        But all things fall, and even gods do die,
    He was watched by a Demon most sly,

    And with pacts it turned his greatest ally,

    At battle on the hills things were turned awry,

    Tiaran walks no more, now under stone he lie,
        But still it's whispered in deepest halls,
    That when demons beat at the holy walls,

    And in once-quiet wood the great wolf mauls,

    When the greatest tragedies enthrall,

    Tiaran will heed your lonely calls.  
    - Leavinus Crom court bard, 560 OER
    Many bands have their own origins, perhaps a tale harking back to the dawn of time, or a more recent event that caused their formation. This is an example of one such tale; that of Aesir son of Ardneir, who's descendent of the same forename still leads the Flamebeare
    Amidst Anthan'Angbar's shadowy embrace,
    Aesir, valorous, sought a sacred place,
    To rekindle a flame, a hallowed trace,
    A monument lost in the dark's embrace,
    His quest embarked, with courage to grace.   Angelhaven's council refused his plea,
    Alone, he ventured, resolve set free,
    Through cavernous depths, an unknown spree,
    Companions joined in unity,
    Guided by Aesir's unwavering decree.   In unexplored caves, where mysteries dwell,
    Aesir and allies pressed through the spell,
    A drake encountered, a fiery swell,
    With holy fire, the torch befell,
    Guiding their path, the caverns they quell.   Ascending towards the surface above,
    Ambushed by demons, treacherous dove,
    Aesir, turned to stone, steadfast in love,
    Torch yet burning, light from above,
    Companions fought, their valor proved.   Emerging victorious, demons slain,
    But the monument's location in vain,
    Aesir's map gone, their efforts wane,
    Their torch still lit, yet all in pain,
    The monument's mystery, a forever reign.   Wandering, seeking in endless night,
    The torch's glow, a beacon's light,
    Aesir's legacy, a valiant fight,
    Lost in Anthan'Angbar's endless sight,
    Their quest continues, with hope in flight.   Thus, the legend echoes through the land,
    Aesir's valor, an immortal stand,
    The flame of Valour held in hand,
    Companions bound by a steadfast band,
    In ceaseless search, across the sand.
  • By Knof, companion of Aesir around 300 OER

  • Divine Origins

    "The Demons are at our gates, the Devils at our walls. Their is little more to say. We have no more soldiers, no more spies. Their is no more hope.

  • Only one God still saw hope amidst the bloody dawn. Tiaran, warrior prince of darkness, and foundling to the Gods. Tiaran walked the Silent Paths, down to the Abyss below. Their he talked long with his brother in blood, Vel'Hamran, Lord of the Abyss. Vel'Hamran was amicable that day, for unbeknownst to Tiaran, the Demons at the gate where of his devising.   Thus Tiaran came to agreement. Tiaran's host of fallen warriors would be granted power beyond dreams, but upon the passing of one year, their souls would be forfeit to the Abyss. To enter this pact, a warrior pure of heart must drink from the Chalice Encarmine, and then receive their power. And so Tiaran carried the chalice to the surface, bearing it with all speed to the surface.   At the gates, he slashes through the demon hosts, and hands the Chalice to his captain. He drank deeply, its Deuai flowing in his veins, its power swelling his muscles and great feathered wings sprouting out of his back. His eyes glowed gold, and his blade flared with ethereal flame.   And thus the first Angel was born.   The Demons were pushed back, falling before the blades of a ten thousand strong Angelic host. The Heavens were saved, and the angels became a permanant feature of the Heavens. A few millenium later, the Heavens fell to chaos, and the Angels came down to the Realms.

    Cosmological Views

    The Vindictum believe in the ubiquitous cosmological model the Heavens above and the Abyss below. They are also one of the few races who can travel to both and survive.

    Tenets of Faith

    1. An Angel must never use their power for evil
    2. An Angel must never give service to another deity
    3. An Angel must never strike in anger 
    4. An Angel must never steal or destroy
    5. An Angel must never talk to a demon


    Vindictum commonly interpret the Tenets in vastly different ways, for example many Angels get around the Third Tenet by formulating motives aside from anger, or using proxies to steal and destroy.  Most Vindictum though, act in a manner kind and good, if a little overbearing. They pursue knowlege and power in the name of the Heavens, and they fight relentlessy against Demons and evil wherever they find it.   Another key ideal of every Vindictum is using their time. They do not take the pact they made lightly, and thus it is the ultimate goal of every Angel to redeem their soul before it is taken to a ubiquitously untimely grave.

    Granted Divine Powers

    Angels are granted many divine powers, such as superhuman strength and endurance, and many have the strength to heal, or perform other miracles. Almost all Angels can manifest White Magicks, but it is rare indeed that an angel is proficient in Red or Blue Magick.  Despite its commonness in their iconography, only the most powerful of Angels have wings. These wings are large, upwards of 15 feet in wingspan, and can be flown on for hours. They are usualy plush with white feathers, but some notable angels have skeletal wings, whether by injury ot design. In rare cases, a fallen Angel's wings could blacken, or transform into great, leathery wings, like that of a bat.   Angels have many other talents, often peculiar to individual Angels. Most Angels can speak hundreds of languages, and some can even comunicate with animals or plants. Another common power, is the ability to hyponitise and control mortals, and even imortals in some rare cases. A few others include telikenisis, control of an element like Fire or Water, shielding from physical attacks or magic.

    Vengeance through Death

    "Vengance by death!"
  • Battlecry of the Vindictum Mortis
  • Founding Date
    The Year 1431 of the Requiem Eternal
    Military, Other
    Alternative Names
    The Vindictum, The Angels, The Angels of the Night, 'Vengers (slang), Angeli Noctis (formerly)
    Predecessor Organization
    Training Level
    Veterancy Level
    Government System
    Power Structure
    Economic System
    Mixed economy
    Angelhaven The headquarters of the orgi
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    Religious War

    The Holy Church are at loggerheads over the issue of Vel'Hamran, with the Vindictum Mortis viewing him as their last hope, and the Church viewing him as the bane of Mankind.   The Holy Church declared a religious war on the Vindictum around 300 years ago, but they have never made attempts to destroy them, aside from a few Soulknife attacks on Haven that were never officialy linked to the Inquisition. If a priest or Inquisitor encounters Vindictum, they will attack on sight.

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