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The Most Holy And Radiant Church Of The Light

  "The Light is great and the Light is eternal. The Light is great. May the holy Light above draw the Deuai through our veins and make all gifts and words I give out to this world greater than all before. The Deuai is in me and it is me. Long live the Light.
- A common prayer
The Holy Church is one of the greatest organisations in the world. It is both religious, military and political, and spans the entirety of the known world. It controls several goverments and it theoretically has the power to do anything it wants. Such is the irony then that because of the weight of its own immense bureaucracy, that it can rarely do anything. The only branch with the power to prosecute large scale operations is the dreaded Witchseekers, an inquisitorial office which long ago removed all bureaucrats in favour of authoritarianism.   Despite its name, the Church has not worshiped gods for millenia, in fact it has outlawed doing so. Instead the Church prays to and worships the divine force, Deuai, and hates all who would use Deuai for Magick or power. Of course Deuai never answers their prayers, for it is only a natural force, but this suits the Church's leaders fine because the Church was never about religion, it is about domination and enslavement. For it is much easier to say some mysterious force made you better than someone, than to make yourself better than someone. As such, the Church has always preached a dogma of castes and hierarchy, one with the preachers themselves at the top.  
The Church is based out of Alnaryon, a large theocratic nation in the west of Anthan'Angbar, which they rule in all but name. They control all of the major fortreses of the western landmass, well garrisoned and strong walled as their first line of defence against the Demons and their kin. They maintain much control over Drakeveinae, Zarrum, and Hyberordniea, and to a lesser degree, Fenrar. They maintain their power through Inquisition raids and suppresio of resistance by force.  

Long live the Light!

"Many would question the power of the Church. These people usualy end up dead in a very painful way, and usualy alone in a dungeon somewhere miles underground."
Inquisitor Erzem to a Drakeveinaen crowd on the brink of riot
OFFICES OF THE GREAT AND HOLY CHURCH   THE CHURCH HAS MANY BRANCHES OF OPERATIONS CALLED OFFICES. WHAT FOLLOWS ARE A TRANSCRIPT OF SEVERAL AND THEIR DUTIES:   The Information Office This office is responsible for spying, information gathering and distribution, and briefing. They are also responsible for some political matters. Expertise at disguises and eavesdropping, as well as a lack of qualms are must have attributes. Uniform is black robes and a white peaked hat. Commonly known as the spikehats, in reference to their signature headware.   The Vigilant Sentinels The Vigilant Sentinels serve as the protective arm of the religion, overseeing security and defense. Clad in dark armor adorned with intricate religious symbols, they are the elite warriors trained in various forms of combat, specializing in both physical defense and mystical wards. Their duties include guarding sacred sites, escorting high-ranking religious officials, and ensuring the safety of important religious relics. They are known for their unyielding dedication and unwavering loyalty, often seen patrolling the perimeters of religious strongholds and conducting covert investigations into potential threats.   The Oracles' Chamber The Oracles' Chamber is the spiritual heart of the religion, housing seers, diviners, and interpreters of prophetic visions. This office is responsible for deciphering cryptic messages from higher powers, predicting omens, and providing guidance to the religious hierarchy. Members of this chamber undergo rigorous mental and spiritual training to attune themselves to mystical energies, using various tools such as scrying mirrors, tarot cards, or meditation to access visions. Their attire comprises flowing robes in shades of deep purple and indigo, denoting their connection to the realms unseen.   The Doctrine Codifiers The Doctrine Codifiers are the scholars and scribes tasked with maintaining and interpreting the sacred texts and tenets of the religion. Working diligently within ancient libraries and scriptoriums, they meticulously transcribe and preserve religious doctrines, histories, and rituals. They also analyze and adapt these teachings to suit the changing times and societal needs. Dressed in scholarly robes adorned with quills and inkwells, they are revered for their vast knowledge and intellectual prowess. Their role is crucial in guiding the faithful and ensuring doctrinal consistency across the religious institutions.     The Office of Divine Affairs This Office is responsible for the orginisation of prayers, penitence and services, and the punishment of those who do not attend. They are highly religious people, and often made up of those who were raised in the church system to ensure maximum loyalty and devotion.    DOCUMENT ENDS 
Founding Date
47 OER
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The Holy Church
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Churchers (informal)
Legislative Body
THE INQUISITION/WITCHHUNTERS The Inquisition are responsible for writing and upholding the many thousands of laws on which the church depends upon. Their legislative council creates ludicrous laws often, and ever levy higher and higher taxes on the poor of Alnaryon. They are sometimes disputed by the Office of Divine Affair, but they are usualy violently rebuked by the Inquisition, occasionaly with actual violence.
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
"Many would

Religious War

The Holy Church are at loggerheads over the issue of Vel'Hamran, with the Vindictum Mortis viewing him as their last hope, and the Church viewing him as the bane of Mankind.   The Holy Church declared a religious war on the Vindictum around 300 years ago, but they have never made attempts to destroy them, aside from a few Soulknife attacks on Haven that were never officialy linked to the Inquisition. If a priest or Inquisitor encounters Vindictum, they will attack on sight.