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An âme is a sentient animal who grants a soulbond to a human of Ohanzee descent. They possess uncanny intelligence and supernatural abilities, such as telepathy or enhanced senses, and typically these abilities grow over time. Each âme is unique, and the gifts they confer to their human companion are as well. They work to protect their companion, and those to whom their companion has a strong emotional connection.

“You'll be up for a while?”
Zach snorted. “My âme's a bat, bro. When do you think we sleep?”

Acquiring an Âme

In the Ohanzee tradition, upon entering the years between childhood and adult a youngster would be required to complete an "âme trial". The teen would be left in the wilderness to survive alone for anywhere from days to weeks before returning home. Typically, the trial would end with some sort of animal returning with the teen from their trek into the wilderness. This animal would be revered by the Ohanzee people, seen as a guide to carry the teen into adulthood, where it would confer certain "gifts". What those "gifts" were supposed to be is unknown, as the majority of oral and written histories on the subject have been lost with the death of the Ohanzee.  

The McLelas Âmes

Ryan, Zach, and Jay McLelas each went through their own âme trial at 13 years of age. They returned from their journeys with a dog, a bat, and an owl, respectively. Each creature has grown with the brother they are connected to, and will protect them with their lives if necessary.

No secrets in this family, not when Jay could lipread words across a parking lot, Ryan could hear whispers through walls, and Zach just . . . knew . . . when something was up. When each of them had turned thirteen, Ryan and his brothers had taken the Ohanzee spirit trial. One by one they'd been granted an âme, a sentient animal who had then gifted them with their unique abilities. Though it worked best at night, like his owl guide's, Jay's high-powered binocular vision rivaled Ryan's hearing.
— Vigilante Mine .

Romeo, German Shepherd
Super Hearing
Drak, Little Brown Bat
Torpedo, Barred Owl
Owl Vision

Disguised as Klepto, Ryan uses his super-powered hearing to keep an ear out for crime, accompanied by his âme Romeo.
Commission by Astron

The night Romeo had first spoken to him, a series of barks Ryan suddenly understood like a second language, the dog had helped him prevent Zach from running headlong into a burning building. So when Drak and then Torpedo had followed in Romeo's footsteps, Ryan had known what to expect. But for him, bark, growl, and yip translations had already grown into full-blown, mind-to-mind telepathy with Romeo. One day soon, if the others followed the same course, his brothers would hear their âmes, clear as human speech, inside their heads.


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