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Reign of the Scourged

21st of Shor, 754 of the Era of the Great Migration

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"Blasted wizards, messing with thing they don't know 'nuf about. That's why the world's the way, it is."   That's what your pa always said whenever you asked him about the past. The Scourging happened long before you were born. Some say the gods cursed humanity for their hubris, others that the kings of old tampered with forces beyond their control. Either way, the result is the same. A burnt orange sky and the Scourging; the creeping magical plague of rot and decay that affects every living thing. Thus ended the Reign of Kings.   The region along the Sheltif River was settled by veterans of the last wars of that age. A war-weary populace that simply wanted to farm in peace and raise a family. Their dreams were destroyed by the Scourging and the resulting anarchy that left every community to fend for itself. Orcish warriors lay seige to the northern city of Ullgarmot. The Scourging seems to be growing from the market town of Steliat. What will you do to ensure the survival of your home?

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