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Medically Induced Hypersomatic Sleep Disorder (MIHSD)

Written by littletoes101

Medically Induced Hypersomatic Sleep Disorder, or as it is more commonly known in Novanati, MIHSD, is a fairly uncommon but not rare disorder sometimes brought on by the prescription of some antidepressant drugs and/or anti-psychotics. Although it is not usually life threatening, and actually quite benign other than impeding daily life due to lack of sleep, cases can be compounded by other factors and can make the disorder affect an individual more strongly than usual. Some cases can even become dangerous or lethal when lack of sleep is combined with working with heavy machinery, for example, or sleepwalking.   MIHSD was first documented in the year 650 AR by a Fatalis┬áSaber named Doctor Benaeti Cuvkuv, though in those days, it was not yet known by its proper, current name. It was, however, linked to the usage of tree bark from the Callicarpa vulgare, a semi-common scrub-type of tree, in a very concentrated tea made specifically to "cure those with bad humors and deep sadness." It was, essentially, an old form of antidepressant, and considering what is now known about the disorder, it is no surprise that it was first linked to this.


The cause of MIHSD is simple, compared to many other drug-linked conditions: when the conditions within a patient's brain or chemistry is correct, the compounds within an antidepressant or antipsychotic medication will interact badly, causing the patient to develop this sleep disorder. Those who suffered from insomnia or hypersomnia are both likely to get this disorder should they go on certain medications, which is why it is suggested for those who do suffer from something like that to stay away from those medicines. In the case that it is inevitable, though, MIHSD is treated as or if it develops.


The main symptom of this disorder, as one could likely guess from the name, is hypersomnia, or chronic over-sleeping. Contrary to popular belief, this is not simply laziness or lack of desire to wake up; hypersomnia is a neurological disorder, and the affected creature is unable to shake their feeling of exhaustion, even when getting adequate sleep.
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