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"   The Kingdom of Oest is a proud kingdom which spans most of the western coast of Cauresia . The city is governed by humans, and the majority of inhabitants are therefore also human.   The capital city of Oest is called Wenhill, which lies on an elevation in the terrain.


Oest is an elective monarchy, and the ruler bears the title King or Queen. When a king/queen dies, the Council of Truth chooses a new ruler from a pool of candidates fitting to maintain the peace. The king or queen isn't alone in governing, though. The Council of Truth, consisting of 7 members (all chosen by the people) has great influence, although the king/queen always has the final word. Each major city and village is ruled by a mayor, chosen by the inhabitants of the settlement.


Agriculture and farming is prevalent in Oestian culture, alongside the impressive military organization Legion of Truth. The Legionnaires are peacekeepers rather than conquerors, and is an important part of the Oestians well-being as it is a non-corrupt organization. Since Jarad's Rebellion, they have in every way been against lying, and the deity they acknowledge the most is called Rhiannon, The Goddess of Truth. In the Oestians' eyes, lies are the downfall of Kingdoms and friendships alike.   The Oestians celebrate a couple of holidays, such as the Abolishment of Lies and Farmers' Eve.   Oestian clothes are mostly leather and wool, while the nobles wear silk coats and shirts, somewhat like the Llendasians. Oestians clothe in all kinds of colors, although the colors are often somber and quite dulled.

Public Agenda

Oest wants peace and prosperous times above all else. The king/queen and the Council of Truth have since the founding of the kingdom strived towards peace.


Oest's wealth lies not so much in silver and gold, but rather in the enormous quantity of farms scattered across the hills of the kingdom. The farms provide food such as wheat, meat and eggs, alongside horses for the Legion. Alongside the borders are a multitude of forts overlooking the landscape, controlled by the Legion of Truth. The Legion of Truth is an impressive military organization which boasts a high amount of Knights, archers, lancers and mounted cavalry.


A couple hundred years BFE, a dozen Lathaian families decided to travel north and build a settlement amongst the hills. This settlement grew to approximately 50 000 inhabitants by the time The Empire was established, and under the rule of The Pure the settlement evolved to the great city Wenhill. The Kingdom of Oest was officially founded at the same time as The Empire was established, as Ald'Ihn wanted the farmlands included in The Empire.   In the year 506 the current King, Jarad Thaller, rebelled against The Empire due to a tragic magical accident killing his wife. His love for her was legendary, but unfortunately his emotions got the better of him, and he was firm in his belief that someone had assassinated her. The combined might of the rest of The Empire culled the rebellion and slew Jarad after only a few weeks, but all the inhabitants of Oest were devastated by the king's actions. Only weeks before he had held a royal speech from the balcony of his castle about the peaceful times to come. Because he had lied to them all, Aren Thaller founded the Council of Truth to keep future kings in check, while also choosing new kings and queens. This changed Oest from a successive monarchy to a elective monarchy. He also established the Legion of Truth to keep the peace and assure the Oestians that such a catastrophe wouldn't occur again.

Truth above all!

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Leader Title
King/Queen of Oest
Head of State
Solomon Tregonwell
Head of Government
Solomon Tregonwell
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Economic System
Mixed economy
Related Ranks & Titles
Notable Members

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