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Embrosia is a vast kingdom spanning a large part of the southern coast of Cauresia. The majority of it resides within the juge jungle on this side of the continent.   The capital of Embrosia is called Goldshore.   The social and economic differences in Embrosia is larger and more noticeable than in other kingdoms.


Embrosia is a successive monarchy. It is ruled by king. The king has a handful of noble counselors to help him govern.   The major cities are ruled by El’Aldoni, nobles of importance appointed by the king.   Each village is owned by a lesser noble, but as the owner is mostly absent, a reeve is often appointed to collect taxes and keep villagers under control.


The Embrosi hold tradition very highly, and is the reason many other countries can find their manner of thinking quite out-dated. One example is slaves. Every noble lord is expected to own slaves, and although they are not treated very badly, it is still frowned upon by many.   Some forms of art are very prevalent in Embrosi culture. Literature, painting and sculpting are the most important. Building can also be considered an art the Embrosia have mastered, because of the grand constructions they have made, chief among them The Avatar of Adon.   Religion is also important, at least a few select gods. Both The School of Ellephon and The School of Adon have their main temples in Goldshore, while most of the other gods have temples dedicated to their schools in The Street of Alys.   In Embrosi culture, clothes are often embroidered in golden patterns. High boots are very common.   In terms of rituals, every Embrosi must go through rituals at key points in their life. Birth, ascendency into manhood/womanhood, marriage and death are such key points.

Public Agenda

The country as a whole wants to increase it’s wealth. The nobles wants more wealth for themselves, while some of the middle class and most of the poor wants higher wages and lower taxes. Ald’Ihn has always been kind and understanding towards the poorer people.


Embrosia has a huge mining network, and new gold veins are found each year. Even some of the oldest gold veins, discovered before the country’s founding, are still not dry yet. A lot of silver is also to be found, but the amount of gold dwarfs the silver supply. Because of this, Embrosia is a very rich kingdom. All villages and cities are reinforced by walls to keep the dangerous jungle predators away, and most of the major cities have multiple forts built into the walls. Tall forts, peeking above the trees, are scattered throughout the country, more so in the jungle than outside of it.   The military in Embrosia is quite corrupt, and everything except the king’s own guard and The Golden Militia can be bribed. Each city and village has their own guard, and most nobles also have their own personal guard.   The Golden Militia is the country’s official army, and is owned by the king. It has it’s own “fortress-city” and a lot of outposts throughout Embrosia. A lot of the kingdom’s gold is funneled into the Militia, and the organization is therefore very elite and the equipment is top-notch.


Around year 700 BFE, the first humans migrated from Lathai. They went east and settled on the far end of the jungle, at the shore. Why they would go through the whole dense and dangerous jungle, is still unknown.   At the time of the founding of The Cauresian Empire, Embrosia was not the most thriving kingdom, so the king understood that to move forward, they had to join The Empire and share in it's goods.   One of the most tragic events in Embrosia’s history was The Great Plague. In the year 267 AFE, a plague which originated from beetles ravaged the country. It caused horrible pains inside one’s limbs, and the victims often died screaming. It is estimated that 400,000 Embrosi perished, dealing a serious blow to the kingdom.

Founding Date
289 BFE
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Golden Lands
Leader Title
King/Queen of Embrosia
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Related Ranks & Titles
Notable Members

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Cover image: Jungle by Usama Jameel


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