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Worldember 2020 Pledge


I will write at least 10k words next month, because I was going to do that with or without WE anyway. If the stars (and spacetime) align— 25k.
  Now, what will those words include? As I have 4 worlds to juggle and I really do not want to make 4 separate pledge articles I'll separate this into 4 sections. Before that— there's one that doesn't fit into any of the 4 worlds: I plan to write a short story. I mean...I do this every month anyway— this will likely take up a significant chunk of my wordcount in the end. What, exactly, the story will be about, or what world it'll be in— I won't know until I either get a brilliant idea or start writing it.  


I hope to try to help folk in the community during this time, as usual! I'll continue to stream on my twitch channel, and working with the ASC to uplift others who choose to stream during WE! I've got a whole package of overlays coming by the end of this month that should help some folk, too! I'd really like to offer feedback to folk on their articles, and I hope to participate in feedback trades!


At this point, while there are 200+ articles to write for Qet, I've pretty much finally gotten everything that's essential for testing the TTRPG done. What's left of said essentials? Mostly just weapons and monsters— and most weapons don't deserve full articles at the end of the day.   Not to mention, I've enough monsters to actually play with now anyway. So...where does that leave me? I get to write whatever the hell I dang well please. I'd like to do at least one character and perhaps another war?

Specifics I May Get To

  • Ponouli (The LAST nation I have to write for Rqet!)
  • The City of No, Wait... (Name TBD)
  • Recurring Dream Cult (Name TBD)
  • Tihuetil
  • Ahndel Veha
  • Dehydration curse (Name TBD)


Specifics I May Get To

  • Ooti (The raiding squirrel-like folk) + their respective nation (Name TBD)
  • Parrots + their respective nation (Names TBD)
  • Wayah + their respective nation (Name TBD)
  • Saawkamut
  • A specific Saawkamut— probably should do Tiyaay given she's got an entire short story. Or Tiil Laaw? Idk yet.
  • Dreamers
There'll be rootin', tootin', and cowboy shootin'. I'm currently writing a short story set in Umqwam and quickly realized I have a bit of foundational work to do still, namely...hashing out the other primary ethnicities and nations. I also...need to move its todo list into ClickUp sometime within the next week.   I think this foundational thing is why my interest for Umqwam keeps waxing and waning— I just need to get through this initial bit! It's odd too since ethnicities and nations are my favorite articles to write, often. Dumb brain syndrome.


At least 3 articles here. Not really a lot of things that "need" to be done, just goofs. OK, I need to work on characters and the various sponsors a bit— but I'm in no rush for em. I apparently also need to move the todo list for APRA to ClickUp, good job past me, you lazy pizza, you absolute wumptrumpet. According to google I am the first to use this insult, so I now must start using it in real life.   I'll let you know how that goes from the hospital bed I'll ineviatably end up in as a result.  
What the hell did you just call me? You little blibnor? You tiny little lotsammock?

Specifics I May Get To

  • Bin Folks
  • Agnew Sr.'s
  • Zoomi
  • The World's Largest Park
  • Regional specific park (If you know of some interesting paranormal or myth-laden locales, even cryptids and other suburban myths, do let me know— big bonus points for non-western ones. I have a list— it's just lacking some global options!)
  • World Anvil Parody (Name TBD)


Specifics I May Get To

  • Gaias
  • Libertalia Planet (Name TBD)
  • Vulin
  • Thra'a + their language (Name TBD)
  • Yysiad
  • Earth's Collapse (Name TBD)
Well...if I have time I'd definitely like to do at least one Heliox article! (Or hey the short story may even be Heliox, I've got an Itch.) Lots of foundational work to get done in here.   I'll need to talk with my co more before touching a lot of these, however, which gives me some pause.


Author's Notes

Late homework wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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15 Nov, 2020 11:50

Wumptrumpet! XD   Your plans seem solid! Good luck with World Ember! :D

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Garrett Grace Lewis
15 Nov, 2020 18:47
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