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The primary language spoken throughout Romtol, and by the Tollouchi. Somewhat more guttural then Qetlec, with only two vowels.

Writing System

Tolech script is elegant, with flowing curvilinear letters often with long tails which end in thick-cut lines. Letters are often thicker along the left, and tails also point towards this direction, as Tolech script is read from right to left— and doing so is believed to pull the reader's eye in the right direction.
  K, for example, would appear as a wispy hook with a thick curve on the left, a thick tail, and a singular round dot in the space under the hook and above the tail.

Geographical Distribution

Tolech is almost exclusively spoken by the Tollouchi and others residing within the nation of Romtol. Ironically, the name for their ethnicity— Tollouchi comes from Qetlec rather than Tolech. A handful of other words and phrases have been absorbed from Qetlec over time— especially as Romtol is bordered on two sides by nations that primarily speak it.


Possessives are formed by placing an i before the possessors.
Ex. iMondol— meaning that something belongs to fate.
  Plurals are formed similarly to possessives, by adding an o in front of a word.
Ex. oDozz— Rocks.   Names, unlike Qetlec— are carried down family lines. First names are repeated in cycles of six— so that the youngest do not share names with the eldest easily. Family names are carried down from father to son, and mother to daughter.
  Demonyms vary, though often two u's are added in place of the location's last syllable.
Ex. Romtuun, the demonym for those hailing from Romtol.


Zz produces an s sound.
O makes an ah sound. At the end of a sentence, and before R, or L— "oh."
i is an ih.
CH is cheh— like in mulch.
Full Dictionary


16 Words.


Polm chon vozz.
Long as a vine.
Something that is lengthy, particularly in time.
Zzok bolomn runm!
When the canopy (sky) burns.
Effectively meaning never.
Tolmok chon pon!
Persistent as hair!
An insult, directed at someone or something that keeps coming back.
Lokog volk
You're a log.
An insult, likening someone to an uncarved log— yet to be carved by life; young and callow.
Spoken by
Common Female Names
Mogomm, Rolm, Gumoch, Monm, Gomog, Mogolm, Mopulk, Gukopomn, Mochomn, Gochom
Common Male Names
Donzz, Kuzzon, Nodol, Komm, Kolmn, Dukom, Dopuk, Pomnok, Nonmod, Kupuch
Common Unisex Names
Roloch, Rodomn, Chumol, Chorul, Puch


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