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Seul & the Ancestor's Wrath


When your parents ask something of you, do not return their request with a frown— else curses your ancestors will send down.
— Final line of the story

A brief summary

The tale goes as such— a young boy by the name of Seul was asked by his mother to retrieve firewood and afterwards help cook for their upcoming outych. As young boys are wont to do, Seul did not oblige his mother, complaining and whining at first— until met with the threat of no food.
  With that, he ventured out into the nearby woods and elected to run away. Over a period of five days the boy begins to hear the whispers of his long-dead grandfather from beyond, and curses are placed upon him as he refuses to aid his mother.
  He is given a chance but continues to refuse to find his way back home— dying in the end to his stubbornness.  

Invoking your ancestor's wrath

Now listen very carefully children, if you don't— this same fate may befall you. There once was a boy— much like you, Xeull— named Seul, who lived happily with his mother and father. They were all preparing diligently for the upcoming outych, which they would be hosting.
— A Kyteux mother
Seul, child, could you go and fetch me some kindling from the nearby woods? It should not take more than a while.
— Seul's mother
But mother! I'm tired, you'll have to find another!
— Seul
His mother gave him an angered glare. Well, then I don't think we'll have food to share.
— Seul's mother
And Seul left, grumbling to himself as he went, beginning his trek up the wooded ascent.
— A Kyteux mother
I know! I'll run away! I don't need her, I'll find my own way as I go astray!
— Seul
The foolish boy ran excitedly into the forest, not thinking how his mother may feel, believing himself to be on a journey to discover what was real. Seul realized that night, however, that living alone is no joke— it was a great and heavy yoke. Stubborn as the boy was, he continued, and began scavenging for food. Berries and small flowers— none of it was good. Yet he pushed on, refusing to take back his words— continuing for another day until he heard;
— A Kyteux mother
Boy! Turn back— apologize and I will forgive you. Refuse and curses you will begin to accrue!
— Seul's grandfather
The voice was booming, loud, and clear— it was Seul's grandfather, who had long since left into the afterlife's frontier. But the boy was foolish, and this threat he ignored, for now he believed he must move of his own accord. That night his camp was attacked— and when he woke he saw around him a ragged wolf pack.
— A Kyteux mother
Back! Back beasts! Touch this fire and you will become my feast! Grandfather if this is your worst, I say to you, bring on the next curse!
— Seul
A poor choice of words, as rain began to fall, and the fire besides him no longer stood tall. The wolves growled and snarled and stared— at the boy now impaired. He made a mad dash for a nearby tree, and climbed with all his might. Relief began to set in at safety found— up until disturbing a hive of honeybees.
— A Kyteux mother
Grandfather! I refuse! For every day it is me she seeks to use!
— Seul
The stinging insects, and the slick, wet bark were making it difficult to keep his grip— and it wasn't long until Seul's great slip. The wolves enjoyed quite a feast that night, and of Seul's face, none would see the sight. When your parents ask something of you, do not return their request with a frown— else curses your ancestors will send down.
— A Kyteux mother, to her frightened children
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