Maize Vessel

I didn't believe them, and I nearly shrieked the first time it worked. All I did was place the vessel on a table— and it was gone. Reduced to the size and shape of a single kernel.
— An awed man
  Maize vessels are incredibly rare, magical items, with the power to compact and store objects as corn kernels.

Wielding Maize

Maize vessels can be found within the Qet TTRPG!   Be it hidden within a crumbling temple, or sold by a merchant.


Maize vessels are limited in number— as only a few were ever able to grow. The venerated Laktou Kli? had died on a pilgrimage, and his body buried in a nearby clearing by his travelling companions. A few kernels of corn, food for the journey still in his pouch, would take root after.   Faithful members of the Tuepluezet? faith would later arrive to mourn the laktou's passing— finding the corpse marked by blood-red cornstalks. Within these stalks were barren corncobs— without a single kernel. As if something had eaten them before they had a chance to grow. These cobs could not be fully shucked, either, their leaves simply falling to their sides like some kind of protective cover. The first pilgrim to touch one found a ring on their person missing— and a single kernel appeared on the cob.   The pilgrims would free the cobs from their stalks— and distribute them among various places of worship. Unfortunately, no more would grow. Over time, several vessels would go missing— finding themselves forgotten in dank tombs, wielded by the wealthy and powerful, or sold for a fortune by specialty merchants.  

Appearance & Usage

Each vessel is easily held in ones hand, and is somewhat weighty— as if it were made of metal. A string of cornsilk is threaded through the tops of the leaves— allowing them to be easily opened and closed for safe storage.   This string is often long enough for one to hang the vessel from a belt or strap as they feel necessary. Some vessels have had fine leather straps, bags, cases, or other embellishments attached to them, in order to appear more valuable to those unaware— though most remain largely unmodified.   Stored objects appear as translucent corn kernels. Upon close inspection one will notice the object "floating" within the clear kernel. While holding the vessel near one's ear, they may also hear the faint heartbeat of the dead laktou.

A covert weapon

A past member of the Cichuelizon? possessed a maize vessel for a brief period.   This, they utilized to boldly infiltrate the home of a wealthy Rektouzk? merchant— passing a weapon inspection.   Unfortunately, the merchant got lucky— and the would-be-assassin accidentally dropped the kernel containing their dagger into their shirt— shortly thereafter stabbing themselves in the chest.


To store an object within a maize vessel, one needs only to remove the leaves, and tap an object with the bare cob. Within a brief moment, the object will disappear— stretching and compacting itself before the wielder's eyes into a corn kernel upon the cob. Once stored, an object's weight will be nullified— as if it were never there.   Objects can be retrieved from the vessel simply by pulling out a kernel, and waiting five seconds. For larger objects, one may choose to toss the kernel some distance away from themselves to ensure their safety.   Maize vessels can only collect objects up to a certain size and weight. Only objects up to 25lbs, and 18 square feet can be stored within the vessel. One may get around this, however, by separating an object into pieces. As many objects as there are vacant spaces for kernels may be stored within a vessel— that being somewhere around 800 in total.


Author's Notes

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Luca Poddighe
25 Feb, 2021 08:09

Sound a bit like a cape of many things reworked to fit in your world! Masterpiece!

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Garrett Grace Lewis
25 Feb, 2021 22:51

Thank you! I'd honestly not heard of the cape before but yeah, that is pretty similar.

Luca Poddighe
26 Feb, 2021 09:23

I gather that you don't like very much "traditional fantasy" and I think only a geek, like me, could gather the similarities, which are more functional than in terms of design or game mechanics. Even if you knew the object I mentioned, it would have been an impressive adaption to the setting. I like it very much!

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Garrett Grace Lewis
27 Feb, 2021 04:33

Haha you're right on that, that's why none of my worlds enter that territory. I didn't take the comparison as an offense at all so don't worry!

25 Feb, 2021 21:14

Ooh, such a creative idea! A corn kernel that stores items is very unique. A great article!

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Garrett Grace Lewis
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1 Mar, 2021 17:15

This is a really creative idea. When I first saw this, it really got me hooked on this world of yours. It's fascinating!

Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
1 Mar, 2021 18:25

Thank you! Hopefully the things to come will interest you too!

5 Mar, 2021 18:09

What an absolutely lovely botanical magical item!!! And aside from being a very neat item, the origin story rounds up the object really nicely.   Do the members of the Tuepluezet faith every try and find these vessels back to reclaim them? Do they have many left?

Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
5 Mar, 2021 18:56

Thank you! I would say that some do, as this is after all only one laktou out of many. I'll make a note to write about that in their article!

12 Mar, 2021 12:01

I love the idea of these! Such a unique object! :D I like the idea that if you look closely you can see the object suspended in the kernal. :D

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Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
12 Mar, 2021 17:03
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