Another World: APRA

Well, I don't know how the hell you got into my office but since you're here I sure can't let you leave. Take a seat! Don't worry, I won't kill you! Security will. Now, if you're keen on releasing the things that make you think you hit your head— and legally, I have to say that you did hit your head and that this is all a dream— into the world while making the public pay to see them you're going to love this...
— Bin Folks, Administrator
  APRA: Anomalous Parks & Recreation Areas is another world I've created because the idea latched into my brain and I couldn't get rid of it. Maybe it was a thought-parasite. Who knows? Qet is still my primary focus! This is a lighthearted, comedic world that I'll update whenever I feel like it, I'm specifically not putting deadlines or goals on it to keep it as a low-stakes place where I can just write some goofs every now and then.   The basic pitch: Imagine if the SCP foundation was underfunded and run by a revenge-fueled eccentric— and began to release some of their contained anomalies as theme parks to recuperate their operating costs. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, check it out here:  
An Introduction to APRA
Generic article | Feb 24, 2021


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