The Experiment

  • Called “The Experiment”, this project was conceived entirely by a single, powerful, Orchestrator. Her name is Yul. Secretly, it is Yul’s primary motivating belief that Orchestrators have the false assumption that they are so above “lower beings”, and that it interferes with the knowledge that can be gained from research. She wants to turn her sights on Orchestrators as a topic of study, a loosely forbidden endeavor.
  • Yul believes that her Orchestrator faction will suffer instability as a result of The Experiment, but that they will be all the stronger for it. She must trust this venture that has been a long time coming, right?
  • Faction Statement:

  • It doesn't matter if you found yourselves here because you were purposeless, rejected, frustrated, or for any other reason. You are here now, and you are family. Our leader asks you for one thing and one thing only: conditional loyalty.
  • Mission Statement:

  • When you don’t know the rules of the game, start making them up. When you are constrained by unfavorable conditions, inject a little chaos.

    Official Description:

  • The Experiment, labelled 'Gossamer Scales', is this Orchestrator Division’s first foray into research. Though the precise goals and methods of the experiment are disseminated in pieces to select layers of Orchestrator experimenters, the main method of data collection is the active observation of living subjects.
  • Some of our members in the Formation Division have selected subjects from the Shadow of Pulse. They've implanted them with sourcetech of their own design, at their own discretion, and they've sent them off to the target planet. Our leader is patient, but not obsessively so. Granting power to these subjects provides focus points of accelerated world development.


  • Many other senior Orchestrators have commented on the vague nature of this description, but the lead Orchestrator notes that it follows all established conventions of research purpose declaration within Orchestrator society.
  • All of her underlings chosen to take these assignments begin believing wholeheartedly in this purpose, but they begin to question their purpose in droves as the experiment drags on. Multiple factions develop within her organization, and she only steps in to save those who are about to be “dispersed”. Those she doesn’t save are never made aware of her involvement in saving these Orchestrators. The saved are sequestered for the duration of the experiment, after being given an explanation for why she did what she did. They are not allowed to ask for anything, but she doesn’t punish them for trying.

    Reason For Granting Power to Subjects:

  • Yul has reasons for giving special power to those sent over to the planets involved in the experiment.
  • She wants to move action forward, using these powers to push events forward much like they would during a game. She is patient, but not overly so.
  • Having humans that possess power will help the Watchers begin to empathize or at least sympathize with subjects a little. They will see them doing special things and it will challenge their perceptions that these lesser sentients are so different and incapable of rational thought. These powers don’t increase their capacity to think. They may put these individuals into situations that force growth in them or others, but their brains are unchanged.
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