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Juha Loneward

Juha Loneward

A young man from the city of Agosi, Juha was always considered odd, even as a child. An introvert by nature, Juha was an avid reader, even as a toddler having an eidetic memory, Juha would frequently take his parents tomes and read them from cover to cover. In his childhood, he was always considered ahead of his peers due to his fearsome intelligence that revealed itself very early on in his childhood.   From the time he gained his tome at the age of 7, his hunger for knowledge grew out of control. This insatiable hunger for knowledge drew the attention of Vector Altheime, an agent of great evil. Vector tempted the young man with the knowledge he so desperately sought. Taking the young boy under his wing, Vector taught him many things, including, how to kill.   Over the next few years, Juha gained access to many forbidden texts, in return for giving his service to the Dark Lord, Jivanius. Juha initially refused to undergo these tasks from Jivanius, but out of fear for his parent’s safety has chosen to follow his orders and become the weapon the he was forged into. Juha serves the Cult by hunting down mages that know of the “Star of Zaheer” and their whereabouts, to release the ancient enemy from his confinement.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Assirian Physiology
  • Assirians as a race generally are more frail and smaller than the races of other continents of Proem due to their over reliance on magic. Though they may be on average smaller and weaker than other races, they make up for these physical disadvantages with their greater capacity for magic.

Special abilities

Magical Knowledge
  • Due to his upbringing, Juha, even at a young age has a wealth of knowledge of the different schools of magic. At least at an intermediate level in Restoration, Transmutation, and Alteration magic. Adept in Elemental and Illusion magic and an Expert in Necromancy, Juha has a plethora of skills at his disposal for nearly any circumstance.
  • Taught to him to an intermediate level, Juha is capable of Shadowcasting, a primal version of Dark Magic that predates even Necromancy. As such, unlike Necromancy, Shadowcasting cannot be recorded in Spell Tomes as it is a form of Magic that does not use an Incantation. It is a damning form of Magic, one that costs a piece of the users soul to function, using their emotions and spirit itself as the fuel for its spells.

Apparel & Accessories

Necromancer’s Cloak
  • A cloak of shadows made through the dark magic of Shadowcasting, this cloak feeds off of Juha’s mana to give him the ability to speak to Vector and even hear Jivanius through the shadows around him, as well as giving him the ability to Shadow step without the proper technique. This allows Juha to effectively travel through shadows and darkness nearly at will.

Specialized Equipment

Spell Tome: Gloaming Dusk
  • The spell tome gifted to Juha by the Goddess of Magic, Aurora. As with all spell tomes given to her patrons, Gloaming Dusk is unique to Juha. Gloaming Dusk has the ability to boost Juha’s magic power as the moon rises, as signified by the crescent moon appearing on the book as the sun sets.

Mental characteristics


Private Tutors
  • As a Noble, Juha’s parents hired the best tutors they could afford to teach the young boy. Though many found his quiet nature rather off putting, they all conceded that he was almost a literal sponge for knowledge, more than happy to take in any and all teachings they had to offer. Often times he would read the spell tomes of his tutors as well.
  Tome Stealing
  • A barbaric practice in Assir, stealing a spell tome to forcefully absorb it’s knowledge is considered taboo by law and custom. However at the behest and coercion of his master, Vector, Juha has taken the tomes of many of his victims, taking their magical knowledge for his own.
  • Mentored by Vector Altheime, one of “Jivanius’s chosen’, Juha has been forged into a mage well beyond his years. Vector taught the young boy many dark ways, from torturing his victims, and manipulating their minds through illusions, to outright killing them. As the “Warden of The Dead”, Vector also taught Juha in the forbidden teachings of Necromancy.


Contacts & Relations

Vector   Star   Arken   Amelié
Divine Classification
Elder God
Date of Birth
October 31st, 949 SE
Year of Birth
2749 AoM 14 Years old
Agosi, Illusita, Assir
Presented Sex
Medium Length, Messy Purple Hair
5’ 4
120 lbs

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