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Cole Pierce/Abaddon Drykwind (Abadam Drakewind)

Abaddon Drykwind, formerly Cole Pierce, is the main protagonist villain of the Pierced series and is the Supreme Emperor of the Prodigiumia Empire.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Cole Pierce is a tall, fair-skinned young male, with long blond hair that reaches down to his shoulders. He has pale blue eyes, brushed-back blond hair that is swept to the right. Three thick scars cover his face, including one on cheek, just below his left eye. Another one is marked on his jaw line, and a third appears to be a burn on his shoulder and arm.

Apparel & Accessories

I was a dress from head to toe in dark grey armour, a high-count red fabric cape fit for a king, two clawed gauntlets I found in a yard sale that had least five inches long talons. A full-face covering mediaeval style helmet made from an old biker helmet I had found (thrown at me). The helmet itself took an entire weekend work of effort and was fitted out with six small spikes on the very top of the helmet to accompany a solid black visor in the front and a pair of bone-white ridged horns that curve outwards making them resemble goat horns.

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Abaddon demonstrated a contemplative side as to the nature of war and peace, matching his belief that war was the inevitable result of the nature of humanity. While he declared his godhood to his enemies, Abaddon would privately admit that he was never anything more than an ordinary man who was seeking peace through the best means he knew how. When encountering enemies who disagreed with his philosophy, Abaddon would often request their own solution to the problems of the world before almost inevitably being dissatisfied with the response due to his low opinion of human beings as a whole.   He also dislikes liars and does not give any falsities to the existence of his subordinates, never keeping anything away from those that need to know what's going on and how they should react. A distinguishing feature of his high moral standards and is often seen as a father figure or a symbol of fraternal guidance that his men feel comfortable around, always running to him when something is wrong and confiding with him their complete trust and never forgave the death of one of his fellow allies, even if they are strangers and like any father, forbids himself from ever raising his hands against his soldiers and followers, viewing them as members of his family, even going so far as to protect them using his own body as a shield. However, he is willing to go against his moral code under certain circumstances, such as when an ally backstabs him via betrayal or murder of their fellow brothers in arms. This is the one thing in the world he will not tolerate. In front of his subordinates, Abaddon is a man adamant in his disapproval of infighting, though he will not hesitate to stop the conflict using the most brutal methods possible to exert his sense of dominance to enforce his rules.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

“It is fine when a man decides what to make of his life as long as he doesn't live to regret it.”   Before the events of the books, Cole Pierce was a very interesting person as Cole is quite yet sarcastic with a pessimistic look on life. He is highly intelligent, sophisticated and possesses a keen cunning only matched by his sharp-tongued and ferocious wit. Cole is a practical and sly individual who has been disillusioned throughout his entire life to the cruelties of the world, developing a thick skin against other people's opinion of him, and even resolves to use it to his advantage. Many people underestimate him and are often shocked by how capable he is at outwitting them. He loves Tropes especially ones that relate to the villain and can often see Character arcs and twist coming long before they revealed and as Abaddon Drykwind, he prides himself on being a classic villain. He openly delights in his new persona, and values his reputation as an evil Overlord, openly demonstrates several selfish qualities. He's power-hungry, wanting to expand his empire and conquer the world. He also shows a great degree of self-aggrandisement, placing images of himself throughout his empire, as well as modelling in his own image onto ships, statues and even mechs. As a cool, level headed ruler, nothing phases him, no matter how graphic or dangerous a situation may be, possessing a hardened heart, he is rarely seen in any kind of distress or anxious about how bad things get, casually observing the state of things and analysing how this dilemma can benefit him in some way. When in battle, his entire personality changes drastically, from being a kind and calm individual, Abaddon becomes cold, calculating the destructive force of nature hell-bent on destroying his enemies as quickly and swiftly as possible. His keen sense of his environment and whatever is occurring in the space around him never escapes his attention, always carefully scanning the landscape for any changes to track the activities of his opponent, regardless of where they are. Abaddon Drykwind is a truly calculating ruler, maintaining the peace of his domain through military might, while strategically deploying his forces to claim more territory as his own. Abaddon's vision is not one of peace, but one of domination, turning what was once a thriving slave-run society into a kingdom that admits no rivals. Every subtle movement they make, be it a simple scratch, the way they unsheathe their sword, breathing speed, perspiration, etc., is keenly observed by Abaddon, memorizing their habits to better understand the way they move and fight when exposed to harsh situations or how they function under pressure. Intense and cruel, Abaddon will use the most aggressive tactics to decimate his enemies in the most violent way possible.

Vices & Personality flaws

Even though he is a calm and collected individual, Abaddon is still human and as such, is not perfect. He has several flaws and vices, the first being his warth. Cole has always been a stubborn individual, believing he is right and that others are wrong. Even as a child, he would refuse to listen to his mother or even his father, stubbornly holding his own view on every situation. This trait has only grow larger as he has aged. While Cole may have great wisdom, logic and skill, his desire to prove him self right has clouded his judgment. a firm believer in the sentiment of never forgiven and never forgotten, when he has been wronged, he will not hesitate to seek revenge. Abaddon takes his anger and wrath out on those he feels have wronged him, maintaining his self-righteous ideology over all things, his word is his bond.   While Cole's demeanour is calm and collected, he is prone to outbursts of egocentric and arrogant behaviour, believing himself to be better than everyone else. Cole is never shy to share his opinion on matters, whether openly expressing his opinion or teasing those who have different views. Abaddon is convinced that his rule will last forever, and that everyone beneath him has nothing but respect for him, however, it never fails to be a surprise to him, the second someone speaks against him or opposes him. He will take multiple opportunities to taunt and humiliate those who disrespect him, even threatening their lives if they continue to do so.



sister (Vital)

Towards Cole Pierce/Abaddon Drykwind


Cole Pierce/Abaddon Drykwind

Brother (Vital)

Towards Catherine


Princess Dianna vi Tempest

Nemesis (Vital)

Towards Cole Pierce/Abaddon Drykwind



Cole Pierce/Abaddon Drykwind

Nemesis (Important)

Towards Princess Dianna vi Tempest



ashy blonde hair
6'1 ft
88.2 kg


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