Dawn Euphoria and the Scorpions in the Sky

Dawn Euphoria was the first fully-functioning solar-copter on Phasmatum. Piloted by Padmini Dalavi, the helicopter was meant to fly high into the atmosphere in order to examine the massively large and massively strange creatures which floated languishingly across every continent and ocean. Little was known about the giant scorpions of the sky. When humans pressed the native species, some believed them to be the first children. Others, just another animal.
  The inquisitive drive of humans meant that they needed to know more. And thus, after they extracted enough metals to increase their solar panel production, Dawn Euphoria was built. Many pilots wanted to be the first to brave the skies. However, it was Padmini Dalavi who was chosen for the exploration of above.
  The flight started out successfully. However, as the pilot Dalavi flew nearer to the creatures, a cloud of black swarmed off of the massively strange giant scorpion. Immediately, the solar-copter was engulfed. Dalavi tried to pilot herself to safety but they came too fast. By the time she crash-landed to the ground, the black swarm was gone, save for one dead creature.
  The creature was the size of a small child, eight hairy legs connected to a bulbous body, it's back a disturbingly beautiful color cacophony. Black leather wings spread wide, one ripped halfway through. The thing could only be described as a spider-bat. And wrapped around the propellers of the helicopter was a sticky webbing stronger than any knife or tool the would-be rescuers possessed.
  Even without prying open the door, her rescuers knew they were too late. Padmini was gone and the skies were more dangerous then humans ever could have dared feared.
  Over the years, humans have tried to send other flying vehicles to the sky with little success. If one flew low enough, perhaps just a thousand feet in the air, they were generally safe. However, the higher one flew, the more risk they put themselves in. Over time, the risk of flight outweighed any potential benefits and people took to using boats and railways for long distance travel.
  None the less, there will always be high-risk aviators who will take to the skies in airships. Whether it is to capture the swarming spider-bats for use of their webbing, to try to draw near the giant floating scorpions, or just to travel to locales that no train or boat can traverse.


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Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
21 Jun, 2021 05:44

Beautiful work, small typo "Little was known " n is missing   Also so sad! Will there be other attempts to reach to the skies? Do Flying creatures ever land to breed/feed?

Join me, become a Sky Pirate in the world of Lyra!

26 Jun, 2021 17:48

I really appreciate you reading my work!! In the current timeline of the world, only daring airship pilots would try to reach the scorpions. I haven't published any articles about this, because this world is part of a book series and the nature of the scorpions doesn't come up until later books, but the scorpions are meant to be an analogy to Lion Turtles of A:TLA (based on World Turtle mythology).   There are self-sustaining ecosystems on each of the flying scorpions and the scorpions are able to feed off of the dead organic matter. Breeding also takes place in the sky, with the young landing on the male's back until they fall or fly on their own. Hypothetically, if one of the scorpions were to land, they would not be able to take flight again.

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