The Golden Tavern

Though its thatched roof has seen better days, the weathered stone building provides a welcome respite from the cold wind and sea spray. A large brass weathervane sits atop the roof. Above the entrance, an old wooden sign sways in the wind, squeaking its welcome on rusted chains. The owner is Ared Norgin who runs it with his daughter Solsta Norgin.


On a typical night, the clientele at The Poisonous Pony can be described as uncommonly unfriendly. On this occasion, there are nearly a dozen other people currently in the tavern. A couple of the patrons are arguing over how to split the bill, while some others are singing a drinking song.


The rooms for rent are truly cramped and hygenic. There are 6 rooms available for rent. The cost for a night's stay is 7 sp, 5 cp.



Wine list

Arcane Cloaker Pinot Noir
An imported red wine with flavors that are toasty and herbaceous.
Bottle price: 4 gp, 8 sp
Glass price: 1 gp, 6 sp   House Shiraz
A house-made red wine with a bouquet that is dry and earthy.
Bottle price: 1 gp, 6 sp
Glass price: 5 sp, 4 cp   Shattered Net Gew├╝rztraminer
A locally produced white wine that is described as soft, sweet, and rough.
Bottle price: 3 gp
Glass price: 1 gp   Tiny Island Shiraz
An imported red wine with a bouquet that is spicy and leathery.
Bottle price: 4 gp, 5 sp
Glass price: 1 gp, 5 sp  

Beer list

Brass Jacket Pilsner
6.68% ABV
A locally brewed medium brown pilsner. Described as a fruity pilsner with a bitter finish.
Gallon price: 5 sp, 5 cp
Pint price: 1 sp, 1 cp   Sweet Book Fruit Ale
5.36% ABV
A microbrewed light brown fruit ale. Described as a sour fruit ale with a touch of barley and a rich finish.
Gallon price: 4 sp, 7 cp
Pint price: 9 cp   House Fruit Ale
4.32% ABV
A house-brewed amber fruit ale. Described as a full-bodied fruit ale with a hint of hops and a creamy finish.
Gallon price: 4 sp, 5 cp
Pint price: 9 cp   House Porter
5.59% ABV
A house-brewed brown porter. Described as a bitter porter with a touch of toffee and a sweet finish.
Gallon price: 4 sp
Pint price: 8 cp   Hawk and Revenant Porter
7.09% ABV
An imported dark amber porter. Described as a nutty porter with a rough finish.
Gallon price: 5 sp, 8 cp
Pint price: 1 sp, 1 cp


Pious Harpy Whiskey
A poorly made barley whiskey.
Bottle price: 1 gp, 4 sp
Shot price: 2 sp, 4 cp   Fish and Lycanthrope Vodka
A locally produced sugarbeet vodka.
Bottle price: 2 gp, 4 sp
Shot price: 4 sp   House Gin
A house-made gin.
Bottle price: 1 gp, 8 sp
Shot price: 3 sp   Hagshot
A house-made drink
Bottle price: 1 gp, 2 sp
Shot price: 2 sp

Food Menu


Stuffed Green Peppers
A platter of green peppers stuffed with a mixture of herbs, meat, and cheese.
4 sp, 2 cp   Crammed Baby Artichokes
A platter of baby artichokes crammed with a concoction of meat and cheese.
5 sp, 1 cp   Deep-Fried Chicken Strips
Chicken strips fried in sunflower oil. Served with a spicy red sauce.
4 sp, 3 cp   Overloaded Potato Skins
A platter of potato skins overloaded with a fusion of bacon and meat.
5 sp, 4 cp  

Soups & salads

Turkey Chowder
A tasty chowder with chunks of turkey, dumplings, and onions.
3 sp, 6 cp   Lamb Soup
A thick soup with hearty chunks of lamb, barley, and turnips.
3 sp, 6 cp   Iceberg Salad
Leaves of iceberg coated in a balsamic dressing and tossed with radishes and onions.
3 sp, 4 cp  


Pan-fried Fish
Pan-fried fish in a vodka sauce served over mashed potatoes and stewed onions.
6 sp, 8 cp   Roasted Rabbit
Roasted chunks of rabbit in a thick gravy alongside noodles with a serving of asparagus.
6 sp, 7 cp   Grilled Chicken
Grilled chicken in garlic sauce on a bed of noodles and celery and cauliflower.
6 sp, 7 cp   Pan-fried Duck
Pan-fried duck in a cream sauce served with noodles and radishes.
7 sp, 1 cp   Grilled Steak
Grilled strips of steak in a vodka sauce served over rice and peas.
7 sp
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