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Latrox (Latroix)

Latrox is a corporation that primarily focuses on Airships. Their HQ is located in Greenwheel and one of their factories is located there. They also have factories in Centerdeep and Basaltspell.

Civilian use

Known for their more budget friendly ships, their transport ships are widely used across Paldurog.

Notable ship lines

Crossbow Viper

The Crossbow Viper is one of the older cargo airships. In the last 5 years, they have been adopted by smugglers more and more.

Neptune Gryphon

The Neptune Gryphon is a personal airship for up to 8 passengers, with bunk beds. They are mostly used by guild leaders and corporation leaders.

Starfish Palladium

The Starfish Palladium is a fishing ship.

Military use

Latrox supplies every government with their airships. While they cannot compete head-to-head with the Conzania airships, there is strength in numbers.

Explore the skies

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