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Abrana government

The Abrana government is led by a royal family.   When Abrana split off from the Othron Empire in 1572 after being conquered in 1042. The then prince that ruled the Abrana province, was crowned the King of Abrana. To start a new lineage, and to mask the history, the name Callan was changed to Chullain.  
Founding Date
Government, Leadership
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Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
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Economic System

Peace, trade relations

When Abrana split off from the Othron Empire in 1572 during the Abrana uprising, there were tensions and war was even on the table. During the following centuries, and because of family ties, relationships became strong between the two empires.

Non-agression pact, trade relations

Non-agression pact, trade relations

Trade relations

Trade relation

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