Human 1 (<20%), Elf 2, Halfling 3, Tiefling 4


Eteipolis is governed through the joint efforts of the Elevatis and the Coinstata. The Elavatis is a council which all nobles are a member of. The Coinstata is an official voted for by all citizens without a noble title.


Eitopolis started as a privately owned island prison on an inland sea. The original inhabitants were made up of a mix of many races. The inmates secured the prison after the guards revolted against the owner. Over time the guards and prisoners came to work together to build new lives for themselves. They fought hard against their reputation to be good neighbors to others in the area.   Grumbar saw their good deeds and blessed them by filling in the land around the island with earth. The rich soil that resulted from this alteration to the landscape yielded pink camellia, zebrawood trees, and precious gems.   The Eteipians faced many dangers over the years as the town grew. At one point raiders had burned down the entire town. The good will earned from engaging with others along with the rich resources of the land and the blessing of Erathis led to the planning of a large city.


Most ground buildings are made of gneiss with straight and orderly granodiorite roads showcasing the careful planning that went into the design of the ground levels of the city. Flying buildings are primarily wooden. Zebrawood sees use as a construction material among the wealthy of Eteipolis.

Natural Resources

Cloth and textiles

Miscellaneous cloth-associated materials
Rich pink dyes, embroidery, beading, wooden buttons

Mana crystals

Black Sapphire: Conveys powers of infravision or ultravision, or the detection of secret doors.
Blue Diamond: Gives power to journey through the Ethereal.
Opal: Used in powers of chaos magic, wonder, and unpredictable effects.

Timber and shipbuilding supplies

Zebrawood: A type of wood with a highly contrasted and easily-polished grain, which makes it popular in decorative designs (for weapon shafts, railings, paneling, some furniture, etc.).
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