Core World Assumptions

The following are some things most citizens of Paerim assume to be true about the world. This is pure narrative. I do not expect anyone to read or know any of this. This is here for people that want some basic information on the world.  

Paerim is Guided by the Constellations

There are six bright stars and sixteen constellations. The six bright stars are associated with the elements of water, air, dream, fire, earth, and shadow. Paerim is split up into six seasons that align with the six bright stars. There are six fey courts. One court for each bright star. The numbers six and sixteen are considered significant by many inhabitants of Paerim.   Most people know both their bright and dim astrological signs. Some people hold a lot of faith in astrology's effect of people as the signs influence many other aspects of the world. Astrology is more complex than these two signs, but many leave the full interpretations to the Aestralogists.  

The Gods Influence Paerim from Afar

The most commonly worshiped gods of Paerim are the Aestra. Most of the Aestra are believed to rule the heavenly bodies. Paths to the domains of the Aestra are said to appear on Paerim when the relevant god wants their home to be seen by mortals. Some other deities that see worship are Lerrine, Eudan, and The Dwarven Ancestors. It is not uncommon for someone to worship deities from pantheons not associated with your own culture. Most mortals are only familiar with the names of the deities that are worshiped locally.   Clerics may have ties with more than one deity.  

Much of the Modern World is Untamed

There are wild regions everywhere. Rail tracks exist, but the cost to maintain and protect them is prohibitive. There are a few guarded roads, but even those are not without their dangers. Large cities tend to have their own teleportation circle that is guarded as heavily as any other gate leading into or out of the city. Most civilized people band tightly together near cities where it is easier to protect against the wilderness. There are wild regions of Paerim even the druids and rangers are hesitant to traverse.  

The World is Ancient

Empires rise and fall. Remnants of previous cultures litter the planet. Humans are the first known intelligent humanoids that currently exist to crawl out of the ground. There are signs of intelligent humanoids that existed before humanity, but only scholars would have heard even theories about such beings as they do not exist today. Many historical documents outside of the Age of Domination to exist today were written by Humans. Therefore the history of Paerim tends to be Humancentric.   Most of the humanoid species share legends of being born of the earth in a similar fashion humans. New humanoid species may still be birthed in this manner. The frequency has dropped significantly with each age since the Age of Awakening, but is not unheard of even in the Age of Horizons. There are exceptions. The Elves and Dwarves for example were handcrafted directly by gods looking to make their own improved versions of Humans. Elves in particular are sometimes viewed as haughty by other humanoid species as some aspects of Elven culture embrace the ideology of being superior by design.  

Conflict Shapes the World’s History

History on Paerim is shaped by the victors. The surface of Paerim bears physical scars from conflicts of the past. Every shift in recorded ages aside from the Age of Awakening is the result of direct conflict between humanoids. There are some scholars who hypothesize the Age of Awakening was also the result of conflict, but as there are no reliable accounts from that time no one can prove anything one way or another. Even outside of the shift that bring about a major change for Humanity as a species, conflict between humanoids is a major driving force that have shaped society on all levels and continue to do so.  

The World is Magical

Magic is present in most people and places. Magical energy crisscrosses the world directly beneath the surface of Paerim. Humans call this net of magical energy the Heartweave. The Heartweave is the primary source of magical energy available to druids and arcane practitioners. There is a second source of magical energy the humans call the Soulweave. The Soulweave is high in the atmosphere and difficult to access from the surface of Paerim. The Weave thins out between these two sources, but is present even in these thin spaces.   Other spell-like abilities exist such as divine magic, pact magic, psionics, and flesh-crafting.  

The Heartweave Protects Us from Xaerim

Xaerim is the region that lies deep below the planet’s surface. Teleportation magic between Xaerim and Paerim or Xaerim and other planes is unpredictable at the best of times. Historians have documented species close to the surface, but there are no human records of what may lie deeper within the heart of Xaerim.


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