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The North Rularian Frontier


The North Rulairan Frontier is large region filled with mountains, plains and hills.

Fauna & Flora

Mega Fauna

  When the North Rularian Frontier was Thaltical, most of its indigenous Mega Fauna had been hunted to near extinction. When the Lord Eltern worked to heal the landscape she reintroduced the Mega Fauna that had once roamed the area, bringing the region back into a wild land, free of mortal hands.   Since the expansion of Polantia into the colonies in the Frontier the Mega Fauna has had to learn to live alongside mortals, with some even being domesticated into mounts or cattle.   The Mega Fauna of the Frontier include many Dinosaurs, large mammals and other creatures not seen on Rularia for many years:  


    The Dinosaurs that live in the Frontier, like the Dinosaurs that exists across Rularia, - espically the wilds outside of the New Thaltical Republic - fall into 6 categories: Sauropods, Ornithopods, Theropods, Thyreophora, Pterosaurs, and Marginocephalia. Whilst not all speices of Dinosaurs have been domesticated in the Frontier, there is atleast one Dinosaur in each catergory that has been domesticated. The spieces of Dinosaurs that live in the Frontier are:  
  • Brachiosaurus - Not domesticated, known to live in the northern areas of the Frontier
  • Diplodocus - Not commonly domesticated, has been atleast one instance of a domesticated Diplo who was used as a beast of burden, transporting goods and materials for its owner
  • Brontosaurus - Commonly domesticated, used as large people transporters, or beasts of burdens, carrying goods and materials
  • Iguanodon - Commonly domesticated, used as beasts of burden in place of large horses or oxen, though it isn't uncommon to see people using them as mounts
  • Parasaurolophus - Commonly domesticated, nicknamed 'The Frontier's Cows', Parasaurolophus is often raised as cattle, using the meat for food and the hides to create some leather - Very similar to crocodile or snake leather -
  • Dryosaurus - Commonly domesticated as pets and as herding animals, like a sheep dog
  • Microraptor - Commonly domesticated as pets, ship Captains hailing from the Frontier are known to have a Microraptor where others would have a parrot or monkey
  • Utahraptor - Domesticated only by experienced handlers, as a carnivor it is harder to commonly domesticate these animals, requireing a bond from birth to sucessfully handle - When they are domesticated they are used as mounts
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex - Not domesticated, called the king of the Frontier, the Tyrannosaurus Rex are known to live mainly in the centre of the Frontier, though some have expanded their hunting terrotories close to towns resulting in party's having to either force the animal to relocate or, as is the case most often, kill the animal
  • Gallimimus - Commonly Domesticated, used as mount able to run very fast, as such riders often travel lightly when on a Gallimimus, or ride alongside a large beast of burden carrying supplies


Historically the region now known as the North Rularian Frontier was home to the Orc's of Thaltical, its wild forest, wide open plains and high mountain border influencing the Orc's evolution on a cultural level, becoming neigh nomadic before the War against the Dark Wing Empire. Shortly before the Dark Wing Empire was formed in Dragontide, the Frontier experienced a earthquake creating a fissure in the north of the country now known as the Stark Haven Rift.   In the years following the earthquake, and Inday's influence on the Orc's seperated by the rift, Thaltical fell into civil war, slowly regions and clans were killed or assimilated into the Shadow Orc army. It was originally thought that the Shadow Orc's were corrupted by Inday's influence, though it is now known that the Shadow Orcs willfully entered into a bargin with Inday, the full extent of this pact detailed more in The New Thaltical Republic article.   During the War against the Dark Wing Empire, and this Orcish civil war preceding it, the ground of the Frontier was left scarred, salted and burned, whether this was done to push the Orc's out of Thaltical - to either join Inday in the Shadowfell, or be the catalyst for Orc's involvment against the Dark Wing Empire - or to pave the way for the second shattering of Rularia, is unknown.   But that second shattering did come. After the war, the Lords Uranus, Eltern, Putara and a man known only as Omen was survaying the region to see what could be reclaimed over time. It was here that Omen's final purpose came into fruition. The man was designed to be a bomb, a bomb for what reason is contested in understanding. Some believe it was to kill Empress Rosalind, some to kill the Imposter God - either way Omen was given free choice of his life, and placed in the care of Eltern to try and break this control over his life force that would detonate. It was in this care that the bomb detonated, unknowingly or as part of the plan between Inday and Gondri. Omen's life force detonated, though in Elterns care his life was preserved, the excess energy that was building in him creating a crack across the mountain border between Ixmoria and Thaltical, seperating the northern region to be left untouched for many years to come.   Over time, Eltern and Omen worked to heal the region, return it to its natural state, and reintroducing flora and fauna into the region.
Alternative Name(s)
Old Thaltical, Scarred Lands, The Wild North


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