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Treaty of New York

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The Treaty of New York was a ratified treaty signed between all major nations on Earth that authorised an ascension of powers for the United Nations. Named after the home city of the United Nations Headquarters, the treaty granted the United Nations the ability to govern interstellar colonies as a neutral entity from all nations on Earth, albeit under the influence and control of those nations.


The purpose of the document was to grant an ascension to the United Nations' powers. These powers would authorise the United Nations to act as governance for any established interstellar colonies. The reason for the treaty was to alleviate concerns that operation of interstellar colonies would disturb the balance of power on Earth. By giving the United Nations, a neutral organisation controlled equally by all nations of Earth, control of any colonies, these concerns were alleviated.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Publically accessible.

Legal status

Ratified by all major nations on Earth.

Historical Details


The treaty was authored in light of growing international concerns over interstellar colonies. Particularly, nations were concerned that the ability for other nations to own entire planets would greatly upset the balance of power on Earth. To alleviate these concerns, the United Nations, being contributed to all major nations, was put forth as alternative to national governments. Being a peaceful organisation with no means or remit for government, the treaty was tabled to grant additional powers to the United Nations.

Public Reaction

Public reaction was positive, as it alleviated growing international tensions. More still, it was a genuine sign of international cooperation as all major nations on the planet ratified the treaty.


The treaty has proven extremely successful, placing all colonies both past and future in the hands of the United Nations.

Location_United Nations Headquarters
Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
Ratification Date
New York
Signatories (Organizations)

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