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Secunda was a planet formerly inhabited by the Alteri. It was colonised in the 2500s by the Endos Interstellar Corporation. In the onset of the 2600s, the planet suffered a severe disease outbreak stemming from the accidental release of an ancient Alteri bioweapon, leading to the Secunda Refugee Crisis.  

Table of Contents

  1. Description
  2. History
    1. Alteri Era
    2. Rediscovery
  3. Geography


Secunda was once a world inhabited by the Alteri, and a part of the Alteri Dominion. Records suggest it was once of the 'crowning jewel' worlds in the entire Dominion, and perhaps one of the earliest colony words established by the Alteri. The Alteri established many secure outposts and facilities hidden all across the planet, one of which would prove to be extremely problematic in the modern era.   In modern times, the world was discovered by the Endos Interstellar Corporation at some point between the 2400s to 2500s. The planet's wealth of resources and beautiful vistas made it extremely lucrative to the corporation, and thus a source of tourism and essential resources. By the time of the early 2600s, the planet had a population of many millions.  


Alteri Era

Records suggest that Secunda was one of the first colony worlds ever established by the Alteri, housing a population that numbered into the billions. The Alteri also built many secure facilities on the planet, and it appears that at least some of these facilities were used to help in the conflict against the Inimica. The world was lost during the Alteri-Inimica War, either through direct conflict with the Inimica, a loss of influence requiring the planet to be abandoned, or when the Alteri Dominion ceased to exist following the endgame of the conflict.  


At some point between the 2400s-2500s, the world was rediscovered by Humanity, particularly the Endos Interstellar Corporation. The wealth of information, technology, and beautiful landscapes instantly made the planet extremely lucrative and profitable to the corporation. Hidden Alteri facilities dotted all over the planet only increased the value of the planet, and the EIC placed considerable attention into locating and exploiting these facilities. By the early 2600s, the planet would be home to a population of many million.   Fortune for the world changed at the onset of the 2600s. Exploitation of one particularly facility revealed a dark secret: An Alteri bioweapon, believed to have been created for the Alteri's war with the Inimica. Before the nature of the weapon could be determined, it spread rapidly across the population of the planet due to its high virility. Within days, many of the population lay either fatally ill or already deceased, prompting the EIC to take extreme and brutal containment methods.   Aiming to escape from the pestilence, many citizens on the planet fled to other nearby worlds, leading to the establishment of dense refugee camps. Meanwhile, the EIC went into full damage control mode and tried to downplay the crisis both to the media and the United Nations, though the sheer scale of the panic and volume of refugees made that impossible.   When the crisis came to an end and a vaccine was developed, the population on the planet had been decimated, with millions lying dead. To remove all risk of a second outbreak, and in light of the sheer devastation sustained, the decision was taken to evacuate the planet entirely. The world has been under heavy quarantine ever since, with all access forbidden, policed by monitoring and a fleet in orbit. That being said, rumours suggest that the EIC has continued in it's exploitation of the planet's ancient facilities.


Little is known about the planet's geography. It is clearly capable of supporting massive cities, as the planet was once an economic megacentre and home to many millions of people. The world was known for its particularly beautiful landscapes and vistas, which appears to be something of a common feature of Alteri worlds.

Stellar Information

Position Third planet Moon(s) None  

Planet Properties

Diameter 13,244 km Gravity 1.012 G Day length 22 hours Year length 372 days- Surface Temperature -14°c to 35°c  

Societal Information

Affiliation Human Empire Species Human Population

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