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Ship Class | Human

The Pathfinder-class was the first class of vessel designed and developed by Humanity with the express purpose of interstellar exploration. Only two of these vessels were ever built, specifically the UNNS Horizon and UNNS Vista. With the knowledge and expertise granted by the development and fielding of these two vessels, newer designs of ships were created, and thus the Pathfinder-class was abandoned.

Power Generation

IT-1A Nuclear Fusion Reactor


Ion Engines

Weapons & Armament

Several railguns

Armor and defense

Titanium hull plating

Communication Tools & Systems

Basic radio equipment


Basic sensors


Production Information

Manufacturer Human Class Pathfinder-class Role Exploration/Colonisation  

Technical Specifications

Length 100 metres Width 21 metres Height 12 metres Power Generation VALUE Propulsion Ion Engines (15,000km/s) FTL Drive Human Subspace Drive Hull Titanium plating Armament
  • Several railguns
Crew 20 maximum Communication Basic radio equipment Sensors Basic sensors  

Chronology and Affiliation

Affiliation Human
Used by
Owning Organization
United Nations

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