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The Inimica were a race of extragalactic invaders that attempted to invade the Milky Way Galaxy during the time of the Alteri. Though they gained considerable ground in the conflict, they were eventually defeated when the Alteri used a weapon that rendered subspace inaccessible, killing the Inimica in the galaxy, but also themselves in the process as an act of self-sacrifice.  


The Inimica were a race from another galaxy within the local cluster to the Milky Way. At some point in the past, they decided to launch an invasion of the Milky Way galaxy for unknown reasons. Their battle for the galaxy started off well, stemming from little encountered resistance, and a level of technology far greater than any other race that they encountered. This all changed when the Alteri entered the conflict aiming to protect life in the galaxy, who's technology granted them a significant battle advantage over the Inimica. This would then spark off the Alteri-Inimica War.   Though outclassed technologically, the Inimica were able to hold their ground and eventually push the Alteri back through sheer numbers, and a combination of techniques such as asteroid launching, and infecting Alteri vessels to either disable them or capture them for their own use.   By the endgame of the conflict, the Alteri Dominion had been severely diminished, and had lost considerable ground. The Inimica remained strong, stemming from turning Alteri ships and technology against their masters, and through reinforcement forces which had continued to arrive in the galaxy. This all changed when the Alteri activated an extremely powerful weapon which rendered subspace inaccessible. Without subspace, Inimica ships were stranded and forced to travel at sublight speeds, effecting killing off their combat effectiveness in a second. With their entire armada sitting without means to move or resupply, the Inimica forces eventually died out, as did the Alteri.   The Inimica continued to send fleets and forces to the Milky Way, however upon arrival they too felt victim to the same fate as the main armada. As time went by and no forces ever returned, the Inimica deemed their invasion of the galaxy to have failed, and so have declined from sending any more forces ever since.

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