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Custodia-class battleship

Ship Class | Alteri

The Custodia-class battleship was a warship fielded by the Alteri. It served as a staple of the Alteri fleet for many years, eventually being replaced by the superior Intrepid-class battleship. However, even after its succession, it continued to remain in high usage due to not only its cost, power, and reliability, but also the sheer volume that had been constructed.  


The Custodia-class is a fairly long vessel, measuring at twenty-three kilometers in length. Unlike many other Alteri vessels, the Custodia features only a single-pronged bow, however it does maintain the flat and angled design philosophy seen on other Alteri designs.  

Design Details

The Custodia mostly follows standard Alteri design philosophy, save for its single-pronged bow. Being an older design, the hull is comprised of mere Avolonium rather than any more complex alloy.   The vessels power is provided by two neutrino-ion generators. As the original specifications used older generator technology, the rated power output of the vessel was originally one billion kilojoules total. In modern times the power plants have been upgraded, and the class is now rated at two billion kilojoules.   Like all Alteri ships, the Custodia-class features extremely potent energy shields. Whilst not as powerful as those fielded on later Alteri designs, they remain incredible potent and more durable than even those used by races in modern times.   For offensive armament, the Custodia features the standard array of Alteri weapons, including ion cannons and beam emitters. Specifically, two medium ion cannons make up the ships main armament, whilst the rest of the hull is covered in three hundred ion cannons, and one hundred beam emitters. As the design is so old, it was actually created before the Alteri had even developed their beam emitter weapons, and so they were retrofitted on much later into the classes service life.   For subsystems, the ship includes inertial dampeners, and explosion dampeners.  


The Custodia-class has seen considerable service life within the Alteri fleet, and is possibly once of the oldest designs still utilised. Entire fleets were once comprised solely of these vessels and used for peacekeeping purposes, indicating their potency and the Alteri's confidence in them, and the sheer number produced let to them remaining being in service prior to the Alteri's disappearance.   Despite the success of the class and a decline in new designs, the Alteri did eventually decide to replace the aging Custodia with a brand new class of warship, specifically the Intrepid-class battleship. The exact reason why the Alteri rushed to replace the Custodia is unknown given their apparently peaceful recent history, however it is possible the intention was solely to field their new plasma thrower weapons. None the less, some academics believe there to be a more in-depth answer to this question.

Production Information

Manufacturer Alteri Class Battleship Role Domination  

Technical Specifications

Length 23 kilometers Width 8 kilometers Height 3 kilometers Mass 1.7 quadmillion of metric tons Power Generation 3 Neutrino-ion Generators (Combined output two-point-five billion kilojoules) Propulsion Alteri sublight engines Subspace Drive Alteri subspace drive Hull Avolonium Shielding Alteri shields Armament
  • 2 Medium ion cannons
  • 300 small ion cannons
  • Several hundred beam emitters
  • Many point-defence ion cannons
  • Scipio-class fighters
  • Unmanned combat drones
  • 3000
Communication Alteri superliminal communication array Sensors Alteri sensor suite Auxiliary Systems  

Chronology and Affiliation

Affiliation Alteri Era Pre-Fleeting
Custodia-class battleship
Used by

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