Udan's Love For Sushi

Udan admiring sushi

An Udan takes a moment to admire the sushi before consuming it.

A poem for Udan

I gave my udan cabbage,
I gave my udan stew,
My squishy friend ate neither,
And protested with a poo.

I offered something juicy,
I offered things with soy,
Then I presented sushi,
His eyes lit up with joy!

The little udan waited,
And gazed at it with glee,
His tummy gave a wiggle,
Before beginning his feast.

Eating alarmingly fast,
Every morsel devoured,
The udan is so happy,
He feels fat but empowered.


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14 Feb, 2018 22:02

This may be the most adorable thing I've read thus far on World Anvil. If it doesn't win the Valentines competition then Udan deserves commiseration sushi.

15 Feb, 2018 02:27

UDAN! NO UDAN! YOU GONNA GET FAT UDAN. How can I say no to that face though?

15 Feb, 2018 05:39


16 Feb, 2018 00:17

Fat udans are happy udans <3