Dimi Molu

Dimi Molu is a great visionary who caused Nas Gong to beome the first intergalactic sport.

  Dimi has been a competitive Nas Gong player from the moment he first stepped into an arena. He trained incredibly hard every day, often working his body to exhaustion, to become a legendary sportsman.
  At age 19, whilst preparing for his first big game, Dimi lost an eye in a horrific accident during the warm up of a training session. The operation was not enough to recover his eye, but they were able to repair the factures in his skull and set his nose straight again. Whilst also recovering from a broken arm, Dimi was dropped out of the league. Heartbroken, he decided to continue his love of the sport and take up coaching and by the age of 25 he had started a very successful career as an international Nas Gong coach.
  Due to the success of his career he was recognised by the chairman of Tigas, who happened to be a huge Nas Gong fan supporting Dimi's team. With the help of technological advancements in space tourism, Dimi was able to collaborate with Tigas to make Nas Gong the first ever intergalactic sport which is now celebrated across the Tiger's Tail galaxy.   Dimi is now stationed on a recently constructed Nas Gong cruiser - a gigantic spaceship housing 15 unique arenas, living quarters and training academy ALL dedicated to the sport of Nas Gong. The ship travels around the galaxy and hosts the biggest matches and tournaments in the known universe.


Favourite Food - A huge bowl of bibimbap after a long training session.

Pets - Has two Udan who run to greet his stinky kit bag and roll around in it when he gets home.

Hobbies - Likes to draw but it usually turns into designing new Nas Gong arenas.

Favourite Colour - Green

Come on! You could do this with one eye closed!!
— Dimi's favourite coaching phrase


Younger Dimi in his heavily padded Nas Gong coach gear

Year of Birth
2682 (36 years old)
Current Residence
Tiger's Tail
Biological sex
Dark grey, one lost during Nas Gong training
Aligned organization


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