Akio Kongang

Akio was a rebellious and secretive scientist who revolutionized the study of medicine on Mofi and is a key historical figure when it comes to medicinal sciences.

Thanks to his groundbreaking studies, Akio successfully united the major schools of medicine some 720 years ago - leading to the cure of countless major illnesses including tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Personal History

Uni Life

Akio was an aspiring scientist from a young age and came to study medicine at university. A distinction-grade student, Akio found the syllabus easy to learn and wanted to develop his knowledge further, so he began to dabble with new materials and experimented with untested theories from foreign schools of medicine.

As he progressed he started to produce simple cures and relief medicines for common ailments such as colds and headaches for his felllow peer group. The drugs worked surprisingly well and had little to no side effects, however word got out that Akio was experimenting with non-syllabus material and handing out homemade drugs - he was swiftly expelled.

Self Employment

Following his expulsion, Akio continued his self initiated studies and medical experiments in his home lab. His old friends still came to visit him for cheap and reliable healthcare and gradually word spread, leading Akio to supply the black market with safe, reliable and affordable medicines.

Rise to Fame

In his 40's, Akio's name became street slang for "safe drugs". Still his work was not strictly legal as his medicine had not been produced in a high quality lab and been tested for 10+ years and deemed Officially Safe for Human Consumption.

Eventually a well known TV show host approached Akio for something to cure his fibromyalgia (which was causing them great pain and was putting them at risk of losing their job). After a three month course of a new trial of medicine, Akio had cured them. The TV show host returned to their work and Akio became a national TV sensation!

The Final Cure

After his TV fame, Akio was granted an official inspection of his lab which was deemed to be of exceptional quality. He reconnected with his old university contacts (who had now graduated into the field of medical science) who helped him set up his own chemist shop.

Floppy Disk

The university was keen to learn his secrets now that he'd become famous, but Akio still felt very hurt after his expulsion and kept his notes on several large floppy disks.

As he became frail from a life of hard work, he wanted to make one last cure. Akio wanted to cure the rivalry between the schools of medicine, so before he died he set out plans to send off his entire life's work on separate high capacity floppy disks in separate sections to each country. The plan worked perfectly and they joined their efforts, shared their knowledge and furthered medicinal science which lead to the cure of countless major illnesses including tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Akio is now regarded as a hugely influential historial figure and his lessons from 720 years ago are still remembered to this day all over the Kenjao System.

Historical Figure
1933 - 1996 (Died 63 years old)
Very dark brown
152 lbs

  • 1933 CE


    Akio was born
    Life, Birth

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  • 1959 CE


    Akio was expelled
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Akio was expelled from university for practising untested methods from other fields.

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  • 1974 CE


    Akio's TV Fame
    Life, Publicity

    Akio became famous on TV for curing a well known host from fibromyalgia.

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  • 1981 CE


    Akio opens a chemist
    Life, Achievement/ Win

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  • 1996 CE


    Akio died
    Life, Death

    It is believed that he died from multiple ailments after many years experimenting in the lab.

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  • 1997 CE


    Collaboration of Medical Sciences
    Scientific achievement

    Akio sent his discoveries on separate floppy disks to different medical schools across Mofi. No single one would make sense without the collaboration of the other schools. It was this act that caused the great collaborative work to begin and in turn lead to a future cure for cancer.

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