Wylderlands of Daea, Morte Eldra

  • Song of Songs - Home of Psallyo
  • Used by the ancient Judicar, Jaquenard Lorimborn, to rescue the Altans of Eyrie from the Daean Curse, by preserving their beauty, hiding it behind their sorrow, and preparing to be passed into Oblivion. Those who felt too guilty, responsible in some way for the Curse would prepare to be cut off from the Eldrin, executed for the crimes they laid claim to, or for whatever punishment they deemed justified to again prepare to be Lost. Unweaving the protections doesn't feel good, doesn't have a positive payout, because it reveals the dark means to their end is itself a form of curse. Eldrin who lose themselves don't get the privilege to be the happy beings they once were.
  • Song of the Trek - Home of Prophyon
  • Hive of Peace - Entymosian
  • Song of Health - Phylactera
  • Book of Awareness - Charodanian


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