Bergeron, Confederates of the Coast

Government: Monarchy   Races:   Human, Mountain Dwarf   Religion: Cultural Stance: Lundoran Guard   Languages: All   Climate:     Weather patterns:     Weapons: Polearm, Shortsword   Magic and Taboos:       Transport:   Primary Motivator:   Characteristics/Colors: All/Fighters   Symbols/Totems/Icons:     Quote:     Greetings and Salutations:     History: A forgotten kingdom. Never fell to the weirding nor the ensuing chaos. As such, it is the oldest monarchy on Nycos.   Also, one of the most boring places to live.   Internal Conflicts: Allies and Enemies   Primary Occupations:     Resources:     Culture and Customs:     Superstitions and Beliefs:     Rituals:     Cuisine:     Festivals & Holidays:     Education and Upbringing:     Leisure and Hobbies:   The North War. Is not going well. Expected support from the Middle Kingdoms evaporated after Wallace the Wizard thwarted the Children's Crusade. Internal strife between Florin and its vassal city, Cauldron, is blamed. The Kordites have rescued the Bridgehead from the Unblinn. March 3, 2021   Little has changed, but the support from Bergeron's southern allies has done much to rally the beleaguered soldiers holding the line at the northernmost ridges of the Silver Blades. A rumor is beginning to spread that there is a new Lord of Dragons, a newly appointed Ty or' Ah. March 31, 2021   Commander Clueless — 03/31/2021 The Blinn, for some reason, have shifted their attacks away from the Bergers toward their northern enemies. The Blinn capitalized upon breaks in the Icewall from Stallwort and Betheny. There, in the Everfrost, beyond the vision of the Moots of Anchorage, they dug with a hellish urgency.  None can be confident what their purposes might be, but all know it cannot be any good at all. July 5, 2021   The interim peace afforded to Bergeron continues, even as the cutting summer rains assail the south calving wall of the Cryopathian north. Bergeron is shoring up the feudal castles that make up the bulk of their defenses. In the final months of 129, there may yet be another assault. December 12, 2021     The incredible floating City-State of Trantor dealt the Blinn incursion a staggering blow, unleashing its Garsh-cannon fusillade against the compromised slushy face of the Frost-bond glacier. Incidental flooding of the Bergeron highlands diverted by the increasing Inandaran presence, promoted and heralded by their own Champions, the Seventh Iteration Champions reborn. The primary case in point was the appearance, however short, of the Avatar of Rae, seen walking among her beloved trees, and in some cases, seen bearing the Light Bow she held at the Last Battle. Many omens suggest that the final pieces of the Revening might soon sweep away, and perhaps with it, the still-vital Unblinn horde now entrenched in the permafrost beneath Cryopathian holdings to the north.
Political, Confederation


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