Ah-Grih-Khan /The Khannate

Climate: Weather patterns: Weapons: Battle Axes, Maces, Bare Hands, Spiked Clubs, All Magic, and Taboos: Transport: Primary Motivator Characteristics/Colors Fighter Symbols/Totems/Icons Quote: Greetings and Salutations: History:   Internal Conflicts Allies and Enemies Primary Occupations Resources: Culture and Customs: Superstitions and Beliefs: Rituals: Cuisine: Festivals & Holidays: Education and Upbringing: Leisure and Hobbies: Names of Major Cities: Ule'ko Boccia, K'ky Phon, Ch'Chagr', Kurnovs, Vanuk'kha Significant points of interest Cheybals' Muck, Tombs of Ak'ton, Grohd's Spiracle       Along the western coast of Grulahntar, from the heights near the southern edge of the Daean mountains to the northern edge of Urgluhk, is the regimented and violent world of the Bette Noir, better known as the Dark Ones, or the Black Grolim.
January 24, 2021   The group, barely more than bestial raiders,, without strong leadership would be a nuisance at worst. With the coming of the light, they have become more dangerous, more aggressive, and more clever. Bette Noir have been seen at black market trade meets. Paying in red gold from the Candlescratch area, it is feared they may have discovered an impossibility...an underground Storm.
February 25, 2021   The Bette Noir have achieved Enlightment. The brilliance of the beam, streaming skyward from Candlescratch, seems to fulfill the prophecies of the First Great Khan, He Who Would Not Fight. The Grohlim have been seen in the hillsides, responding either to the uncertainty of their own lives, or perhaps to an unbeckoned Call. The Western Slopes of the Silverblades are no longer safe for gentlefolk,and the Old Order Brotherhood's proclamations now bear at least some passing weight. Can the Poch Eclipse be far behind?
June 26, 2021   The Purge has begun. Better Noir adepts are rounding up disbelievers and heretics cleansing with blackfire those who do not see. White shrouded acolytes lead penitents toward Null, the place of Purification. The promised White Epoch Eclipse is approaching.
Country: Khanng Current Leader: Furmis the Foundation Government: Totalitarian Capital City: Kavgrun Races: All Religion: Cultural Stance Languages:

Gnome Gnus Gnetwork Headlines

Religious, Monastic Order

Nemesis Prime:

Bette Noir Grohlim

The Light has arisen! As Darkness begat the Light, so the Enlightened Ones begin to proselytize the darkness of the unlearned, the Uplifted that do not know their heritage or their inheritance. The Sound of Silence sweeps where they have reaped, and gathers where they will soon again sew.


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