Wulvric are a particular type of lycanthrope who are cursed by the ancient magic that flows over the Ryroak Peaks.  


Wulveric have two very distinct forms, the humanoid and the beast. As a humanoid they very closely resemble the face they possessed before they were afflicted by the curse.   As a beast, they resemble bears with long shaggy coats of hair. The fangs of the creature prominent regardless of the long fur, protruding out as if like spikes. The claws of a Wulvric are as long as their paws, coming to a sharp point similar to that of a hunting knife or dagger.  


Wulvric are extremely rare and were once considered extinct after The Shatter, but were rediscovered after a small group of Wulvric attacked a small town in northern Vilura. Any time rumors spread about a creature afflicted by the curse, many villages gather their strongest and kill the creature before they have a chance to turn if they would. There are rumors that a select group of Wulvric have learned to harness their transformations and taken residence throughout the continent of Vilura, working as a pack to train and develop their skills.  


Wulvric have several major properties  

Known Wulvric

  • Jurdis Vor
  • Kyris Hytrol
  • Gorvik Bronzehammer
  • Tyron Bronzehammer

Art Credits

Wulvric main image created with MidJourney

Biological Information
Type Humanoid
Subtype Shapechanger
Alignment Any Alignment
Vision Darkvision 120 ft.
Movement 45 ft.
  • Shapechanger
  • Powerful Build
  • Hunter's Sense
  • Cursed Fangs
Physical Characteristics
Size Medium or Small
Sociocultural Information
Plane Material Plane (Nonvyrox)
  • Darkson, Vilura
  • Rydorak Peaks, Vilura
  • Arctic
  • Urban
Languages Any known before curse
Notable Wulvric
  • Kyron Starborn
  • Undalise Irebreeze
  • Puman Dolne
  • Erendis Kold


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