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The Shattered Pantheon

The Shattered Pantheon are considered by many to be the primary gods of the universe, particularly in the wake of The Shatter.  


Before the creation of the first mortal, there was a world of primordial chaos and entropy. While there were already entities that existed on this plane of existence, a collection of powerful beings made of pure energy were ensared by the powerful potential of this realm. These beings eventually took form and walked upon the realm as The Pantheon, taking forms and starting to quell the chaos of the realm.   After centuries of innovation and creation, the deities eventually created the first mortals. After being granted a sliver of their power, these creatures started to weave magic in and out of the weave of magical potentiallity, with some able to call on the direct power of the deities.     After many years of joy together, something caused a split among The Pantheon, some of the original deities became hardened and bitter, especially towards their creations. These deities started lashing out and attacking the creatures, believing that there was a need to start again from scratch.   While no mortal is aware of the cause of the split, the event sprawled into a divine war that killed millions of people, with less than ten percent of the world's population remaining. The war became known as The Shatter and was waged between The Deceiver Gods and The Heraldic Gods, who each chose a side in the case of the divine war.   The Shatter only came to the end when Tyril, Thoura, and Shathol formed The Tynau to banish the physical forms of each god and leave them stranded in the Outer Reaches within the dimension created for each of them based on their powers.   Very few people currently directly see a physical manifestation to the members of The Pantheon as their forms are divided from the mortal realm by the Tynau. However, there have been rumors that some members of The Pantheon have approached mortals to act as their champion by drawing their sleeping mind to their realm.  

The Pantheon

There are three sides to The pantheon in its current form. Each have almost been granted a moral position within the realm with Heraldics representing goodness, Decievers representing evilness and Shathol representing neutrality in its forms.  

The Heraldics

The Heraldic Gods
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The Decievers

The Deceiver Gods
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