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Quivillin are a unique beast to the Underdark and Undergroves, they resemble a combination of plants and bovine.  



The Quivillin resemble the surface bovine in many ways, they are quadrupedal creatures with large plants and fungi growing from them. They are quite vibrant and as such as adults they tend to stand out in the caves of the Underdark, however in the Undergroves, the Quivillin are quite hidden in many of these rooms.   Young Quivillin don't grow their fungi or moss fur for the first year of their life, resulting in their grey skin allowing them to ersemble a rock or small boulder. As a result, young Quivillin can be hidden among the hallways of the Underdark.  


The Quivillin are able to hide themselves as vegetation among the flora in the Underdark and Undergrove. Young Quivillin are able to also hide among the caves and paths of the Underdark and Undergrove as small boulders.   The Quivillin at any age are able to emit a poison breath towards any creature hostile to it. This breath also paralyzes any creature who intakes the poison of the breath.  

Known Quivillin Herds

  • Ukran Herd – Live in the caves of the Underdark underneath Myvora. Discovered by an unnamed adventuring group.
  • Kravlok Herd – Reside in the Undergrove of the Aonis Wilds, Discovered by Lysirian Adventurers.


The full history of the Quivillin is unknown throughout the world, having evolved in the Underdark, which is a relatively unknown and unexplored region.   In 723 AR, the Lysirian Archive sent a group of explorers to the Undergrove, upon which they discovered the Quivillin and their nature, among various other discoveries. This allowed for the archive to document some of the characteristics of these unique beasts.   They were discovered to exist across the Underdark when an adventuring group discovered the creatures in 743 AR underneath the Myvoran city of Nagran.  

Art Credits

Quivillin Image made with MidJourney

Biological Information
Type Beast
Alignment Unaligned
Vision Darkvision 120ft.
Movement 40 ft.
  • False Appearance
  • Poison Breath
Physical Characteristics
Size Medium
Eye Color White
Skin Color Grey
Sociocultural Information
Planes Material Plane (Nonvyrox)
  • Underdark
  • Undergrove
Languages None


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