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Ember Owl (ˈɛmbər aʊl)

Ember Owls are a predatory avian species that resemble large flaming owls.  


Ember Owls are medium, bestial birds of prey, with talons, a keen eyesight, and a burning cloak of feathers. Feathered wings allow these birds to take flight across the arctic plains, travelling at speeds nearing 70 miles an hour. The feathers of the Ember Owl are often black or brown, but there plume and wings are often red and always are burning with the flames inherited from the creature's connection to the Plane of Fire. As a result of their innate connections to the Plane of Fire, the Ember Owl can communicate in both Common and Ignan.  


Tokevis Region

Ember Owls are native to the Tokevis Region. Originally emerging from the Suulvor volcano in the centre of the region. Strangely these creatures formed of fire thrive within the region, their flames suprising other creatures within the region through its immense heat. The small Donvalyn outpost of Lyrisna experienced an attack by several flocks of Ember Owls in 704 AR, several villagers were harmed and as such protections have been set up to defeat these creatures the next time they attack the outpost. Desipte their attempts at protection, each Winter, several flocks seem to overtake the outpost for several weeks.  

Art Credits

Ember Owl Main Image created with MidJourney
Ember Owl

Biological Information
Type Beast
Alignment True Neutral
Vision Darkvision
  • Flying (60 ft.)
  • Walking (10 ft.)
  • Keen Senses
  • Magic Resistance
Physical Characteristics
Size Medium
Feather Colour
  • Brow
  • Black
  • Red
Sociocultural Information
Planes Material Plane (Nonvyrox)
Locations Tokevis Region, Ossalimar
  • Arctic
  • Coastal
  • Hill
  • Mountain


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14 Jul, 2022 18:19

There's just something wonderful about fiery things in icy landscapes. I love this creature!

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