Arcanologists are a unique group and rank endowed to explorers who are knowledgable and search for the many magical artifacts and magical learnings from before The Parting.  


Many of the Arcanologists wear a variant of the insignia to identify them as a member of the unique and individual group of Arcanologists. Other than this there is a formal set of sashes that are worn by specialised Arcanaologists in very specific fields.  

Known Arcanologists

  • Arcanologist Holkran Kran – Known for being the first Arcanologist to claim the title.
  • Arcanologist Uvlar Oko'ran – Searched throughout the Slycol Desert and discovered the first remnants of the floating cities.


Arcanologists became a specific title in early 600 AR, this created the first incarnation of the Guild of Arcanologists to discover more about the world and its magical history. Beyond this, the Arcanologists have become reknowned throughout the various nations as providing the arcane knowledge that has sometimes been lost to the divine war or historical decline.   In 714 AR, the Arcanologists formed the full Guild of Arcanologists and became an official group and friend of the Obsidian Forge. This however resulted in a couple of nations disliking the group, specifically Darksorn and the Steelwind Lords, who felt that any global group would be counter to their own interests.  

Art Credits

Arcanologist Insignia created with Armoria

General Information
Type Explorer
Goal To learn more about the magics and magical items created in the past


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