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The main pillar of the nation are the dragons with membership on the Council of Dragons. Each adult dragon rules a province, formed by a city and a few small towns and villages under its juridstiction, protecting the inhabitants and leading them, being their Guardian. Also, each province has a king, born from the dragon and one willing citizen chosen by the dragon. The king is usually who holds the actual government under the vigilance of his dragon parent. A city grows around the dragon lair and sooner or later, new towns and villages emerge around it. If the king or queen gets old, a new tournament is celebrated (Normally a silver one) for the citizens of opposite sex of the dragon. During the tournament also are held other competitions in all kind of arts and disciplines. More important than winning is impresing the dragon, who would chose as a mate the one wish impresses them the most. The king tittle then, is not passed to king descendants, they instead are considered royalty until the third generation (third one included).   If a dragon dies, the king takes care (or if not possible, a regency council) of the Guardian duties.

Public Agenda

They main goal is to make their nation great and banishing all demon gods from Eden. Like dragons are very patient, not interested in a fast expansion that could render them unstable.
Justice   Tenesian law is very light, being mostly in hands on the Guardian good sense. Death penalty is extremely rare and slavery is allways illegal. Litigations between plebs are usually handled by nobility, if nobility is suspected from being partial or is somewhat related to the case its handled by a superior power, with the dragon at top, being the only one competent to judge a king or queen. If nobility is part of the case, the royal tribunal, designed by the city king or queen is the one who takes the case, if the royal tribunal is part, then royalty is the judge, if royalty is a part, then only the dragon can judge.
Circulation   Every Tenesian has citizenship rights on any place of the nation, being able to travel freely and protected by the guardians.
Political, Confederation
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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