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Swamp Islands

Swamp Islands are two isles away from other landmasses, the closest one is the Sand Sea Island, at the east.   The main population are the Kenge, black dragons, chuuls, wyverns and harpies.  

Black Dragons

Black dragons are often found ruling over kenge tribes as they are the power after the wars between the Kenge. The black dragons dominate the Swamp Islands, continuously fighting between them for territory and government over the tribes of lizardmen. On the other hand, for the Kenge the black dragons suppose a territorial stability, because the tribes under the leadership of the same black dragon don't not enter war between them.   The deal is not beneficial for the Kenge, but their alternative is to be destroyed by the dragon. The Kenge are discouraged from revolting against their master as soon as they witness the power of the dragon and that fear becomes veneration as the generations go by, to the point that they reach a fanaticism that makes them blind to the slavery that it entails.  


The harpies, known to the lizardfolk as Degewanamketake the blood they need usually from lizardmen, although some harpies have managed to get blood from chuul or even in some cases from a black dragon. The blood harpies of chuul are always mutants, touched by the abominable Khuul blood. On the other hand, when the blood is dragon, a semi-dragon harpy comes out, known by the lizardfolk as Kashfura. The Kashfura easily become the leaders of the flock and easily attract neighboring flocks. Soon they form what the lizardmen call a Kimaugi, a flock of harpies of more than fifty members led by the Kashfura. It is a danger to any tribe of lizardmen, especially those that are not servants of a black dragon. The Kashfuras are seen by the black dragons as an affront to their supremacy, a living proof that something has made them bleed, and they order their tribes to kill them just by seeing them.  


Wyverns, the dragons, create dens with treasures and even achieve small cults around them. Many black dragons recruit them since they are creatures powerful enough to take charge of what the lizardmen can't or as an honor guard if they face another dragon. The status of direct servants of the dragon places them as sacred beings among the Kenge.   Some wyverns are grouped in packs, this floks do not obey any black dragon and are a threat as dangerous as a Kimaugi or more.  


The chuul, the terror of the marshes, these beings serve Astaroth in the marsh islands. They live in very small groups, because with too many individuals they would call the attention of the black dragons and chuul fear them. Following the dogma of Astaroth they enjoy killing and hunting the lizardmen that approach their hunting territories.


As their name indicates, those two islands are almost all made from pure brackish swamps. The land is almost flast except for the tall volcanos that are in the centers of the island. Rain is abundant in those islands.

Fauna & Flora

A lot of giant invertebrates can be found here, valued for their chitin. Cocodriles, snakes, lizards, crustaceans and big rats are also common.


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