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Steppe Orcs

The Steppes are home to several clans, which in their entirety call themselves Kathnukus, where entire orc tribes are ruled by hobgoblins warlords. The main warlord of each clan is the Vaskunlaga, the rest, they swear allegiance to him, the rest of hobgoblins being the lords of the tribes that make up the clan, as well as the officers of every warlord army.  

Society and Law

The Kathnukus are nomads who live in tents and carry herds of cattle (horses, sheep, goats and camels), feeding on milk, cheese and meat. They are characterized by the large number of horses that they carry and use as mounts. When there is a campaign, a party is left behind with its possessions and another assault with no more baggage than its horseand their personal gear often with the beasts of war that the clan has managed to tame. In summer they move to the north and in winter they return to the south. There are also semi-sedentary tribes that live off agriculture and commerce between tribes. Each clan has a slightly different law, encoded in parchments kept by the Vaskunlaga. Each tribal leader has a copy of those parchments so they can follow the tribe law.  


The Kathnukus have several religions, having established total freedom of worship and prohibiting religious persecution. The most widespread is a spiritism similar to that of Ezeltaure.  

Social classes

The Kathnukus society is divided into three social classes:
  • Rulers and Officers: They are the hobgoblin elite, warlords with extensive knowledge of military strategy.
  • Experts: Doctors, engineers and other wise people necessary for society. Mostly hobgoblins, they learn their trade from parents to children.
  • Warriors: The majority of society, orcs for the most part. They take care of the animals when they are not in battle.
  • Population

    Most of the population is orc, which unlike the orcs of Ezeltaure have a huge combative desire, getting excited before the expectation of a great fight, even if it supposes an almost assured defeat. The hobgoblins are a minority, practically 10% of their population, but they hold the power since they specialize in something that the orcs need and they are not good at: strategy and logistics. Unlike the Orcs, they do not like the fight itself, but the victory and glory they can get out of their deeds. Despite their pragmatic mentality, their ambition blinds these warlords often, causing them to launch attacks against the Land of Tears, even though other clans have failed. They do mostly because they dream of being the first clan to achieve it. There is a minority of bugbears and worgs.  

    Relationship with the outside

    The lords of the steppes dream of defeating the empires of the east and the west. But the wall of the Empire of the Moon is a huge obstacle while the fearsome warriors of the wast hold their burdens with integrity. Hyrum is not a popular target for raids, but as the latter is conquering their lands and defeating their warlords they are forced to fight back. On the other hand they avoid the Sky Pillars and Jotunheim because their combat style does not fit well in such terrain. Orc warriors have a preference for the Country of Tears, eager to claim the head of a member of the Bear clan. The Kathnuku hate ships and seafaring with all their hearts, so they discard war with the south.   The clans try to expand but lately they are in decline, only being able to conquer territory of other warlords.

    Naming Traditions

    Family names

    Most Kathnukus have their own name, a tribe name and a clan name.


    Major language groups and dialects


    Common Dress code

    Its common for this culture to wear masks with beasts shapes when they enter into battle.

    Common Taboos

    They hate and fear seafaring


    Relationship Ideals

    The marriage is monogamous but chastity is not actually expected. Mixed couples are banned in most clans.
    Encompassed species

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