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Princess Arsenda III

Princess Arsenda the III of the Iron Dinasty

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Despite her small frame, she is a pretty fit girl due her fighting training. Her good shape and small body makes her specially fast and nimble.

Facial Features

She has a short nose and bright eyes, wich gives her a very sweet face.

Identifying Characteristics

She has several scars from the battles and her training wich none of them are in the face. She has a long scar at the neck and a cross shaped one on her stomach.

Special abilities

She learnt a few tricks from the mages who teached her, among her favourites are short range teleportation as well as the ability to acumulate charge during battle to make a big shockwave in the middle of the fight.

Apparel & Accessories

In court she wears prideful the crown of umbria with red dresses, she never hide her neck, showing proudly her scar. She likes her dresses to be simple and elegant, avoiding complex designs that she finds too flamboyant.   In battle she wears an armor made specially for her by the arcane craftmen of the unversity. This magic armor is a red colored chain mail with golden plate pauldrons.

Specialized Equipment

She uses a magic longsword she calls "The Voice of Reason"

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She was a promising student, prepared to be a wise and knowledgeable ruler when she took the crown of her father.   At the age of 12 years her father started the war of the black isle and two years latter he died. Because of that she abandoned her studies to become the ruler of umbria and the militar leader they needed to win the war, becoming a sucessful general at such young age. Technically, her mother was the regent, but the young Arsenda knew that umbria needed her to lead the realm on such difficult times.   After winning the war she was crowned properly and returned to her studies, ruling Umbria at the same time with her mother's help.


She is a well educated woman, especially in diplomacy and militar strategy.   She knows some magic tricks wich applies to her swordfighting.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Winning the War of the Black Island being only 15 years old.

Intellectual Characteristics

Good mind for strategy and languages.

Morality & Philosophy

She takes her duties as a princess very seriously, seeing herself as the protector and caretaker of her realm.   Also she is a very idealistic person, refusing to accept things she consider wrong even when its hard to do the right thing.


Contacts & Relations

Close friend of Armand II of the North.   Friend of the Grand Master and the Principal of the Academy of Baneria

Family Ties

She is the daugther of the previous ruler, Arnau the II. Her father had no brothers nor sisters.   Her mother, Ermergarda, is her most trusted advisor. Altough she is less talented than her daughter, Arsenda knows to value her experience.   She also has one little brother.

Religious Views

Its not really a firm believer, but accepts religion place in society.

Social Aptitude

She can be quite cheerful and gentle as a person, but can be realy fierce and intimidating when she is giving orders and calm as a stone when she negotiates.

Hobbies & Pets

She really enjoys reading books and talking about them.


Princess Arsenda III

Liege and best friend (Vital)

Towards Armand II of the North



Armand II of the North

Inmediate Vassal and best friend (Vital)

Towards Princess Arsenda III




The parents of both died at the Black Island War, being both very young rulers with shared interests they friendship was natural.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

They both are very loyal to Umbria and value knowledge as both itself and the key of umbiran sucess.

Shared Secrets

Armand knows that Arsenda is a lesbian.

Princess Arsenda III

Liege (Trivial)

Towards Arabela III of Aurenia



Arabela III of Aurenia

Inmediate vassal (Trivial)

Towards Princess Arsenda III




Their only relationship is the liege-vassal one, each one only concerned by their ruled territory.

Princess Arsenda III

Liege (Important)

Towards Gueraua II of the Islands



Gueraua II of the Islands

Inmediate Vassal and most trustet advisor. (Important)

Towards Princess Arsenda III




Gueraua was the most trusted advisor of the previous prince, and so is of his daughter. Arsenda sees her as a motherly figure, relying on her experience.

RPG Character sheet

Level 6, Ranger   Tactial Insight/Iron Magi/Battle Tempering   Has Librarian feat.   She has magic sword and armor
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Princess of Umbria
  • Duchess of Umbria
  • Marchise of the Iron
  • Currently Held Titles
    Year of Birth
    419 AoD 20 Years old
    Current Residence
    Biological Sex
    Lesbian (Secret)
    Green eyes
    Dark brown
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    "Just damn the fire! Mantain the course of the ship! We have them where i want them"
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
    Fluent in Aurenian and Banerian. Moderate knowledge of Imperial, Silverian, Cinerian and Nicarian. Understands a bit of Arluga.

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