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They are slightly shorter than humans, but their bodies are very muscular. Orcs tend to have aggressive and reckless characters, inevitably focusing on the path of warriors. Those who do not engage in war or maintain order are engaged in activities such as smithing or construction.

Basic Information


They look like shorter and bulkier humans, always with marked muscles and relatively small fangs that protrude from their lips.
Their forearms and lower legs tend to be hairy but on the other hand, males don't have much tendency to grow facial hair. Even with bearded orcs, such hair tend to be on the neck or in the chin more than the typical fully bearded face of a human.

Biological Cycle

Their life expectancy is approximately half that of a human, but they compensate with a short reproductive cycle.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Orcs are a race present in almost all places populated by goblins except Hyrum.

Average Intelligence

Bellow human average

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They can see in complete darkness, but only in black and white vision, being unable to percieve colors in such conditions. Other than that, their senses are pretty close to those of a human.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Ezeltaure and Moon Empire

Courtship Ideals

They believe that figthing and love are linked. Usually an orcish couple is formed by orcs who have fought together or competed with each other.

RPG Datasheet

    • [Medium] size
    • [Humanoid] Type
    • +2 Strenght and Constitution, -2 Intelligence.
    • Darkvision
    • +1 (+1 every 8 levels) to Athletics
    • Additional Feats (Choose one): Reckless Strike, To Iron Married, Cataphract
Natural level 1

Orc Mindset

Orcs are fundamentally violent creatures with lots of battlelust. The more vicious ones turn into bloody bandits and vicious pillagers. More heroic and noble orcs will disguise that nature being athletes, warriors and hunters. In any case they are ruled by another species, they have to make sure such fightning spirit is properly satiated. In Ezeltaure tribes with orcs among their ranks hold hunting competitions often, in the Steppe the vaskunlagas they make sure that their troops have wars to fight and, finally, in the Moon Empire, swordmanship and other martial arts competitions are celebrated often. Violence aside, orcs seems to be very comformistic as long as their pugnacious nature is sated.
That nature sometimes makes the orcs behave in some kind of honorable behaviour. Otherwise vicious and cruel orcs in some cases have spared formidable foes only to fight them again in the future or refused to take advantage of unfair conditions only to enjoy a proper challenge. Such "honor" is only found in an small fraction of orc population, but it seems to be more a biological than a cultural trait.
40 years
Average Height
1.6 meters
Average Weight
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Orc skin may be yellow, green or gray while on the other hand hair is almost always black.
Related Ethnicities

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