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Merchant Republics


The republics are organized at the city level, being an alliance of city states, but with a large number of treaties and commercial relations. The political leader of each republic is the Duke, elected by the Minor Council, which also controls the Duke, preventing the Duke from acquiring a real power, the Duke governs for life if the council does not elect to remove him. The Minor Council is formed by 7 members chosen by the Main Council, having the position a duration of one year. The participation in the Main Council, formed by 400 individuals, is exclusive of the members of the richest and most influential families of the republics. The candidates for the minor council are elected in the lottery, where 12 candidates are elected and they are voted to choose the 7 that will finally form part.

Public Agenda

They want expand their influence on the Serpent Sea, estabilishng colonies and increasing the prosperity each day. They also want to expand the values of free market.


Surface dwarves are not only great seafarers and cartographers, having drawn the best maps on all the Serpent Sea and always expanding their atlas but also very wealthy ones. They control most trade routes on the Serpent Sea, only rivaled by Lidas and the raising Umbria Principality.
Its also worth mentioning their constant alliance with the patriciate of the Land of Tears and the Aquisgran Empire, ensuring a position of privilege as the conection between the sea trade and such nations.


Descendants of the dwarves that stayed on the surface and settled in the south. They were converted to the cult of Uz by missionaries from Aquisgran. This conversion facilitated alliances that benefited both territories, since both needed new business partners.

Demography and Population

Most of them are Dwarves , but there are also Human , Elf and Elisians minorities, specially in the colonies.

Technological Level

Their technology level is in an early renaissance state but thanks to the creative dwarven engineers some modern technologies are being discovered. The Republican Submersible Ship and the Republican Marine Armor are some examples of their inovative nature.

In gold we trust

Political, Alliance
Alternative Names
Free City Alliance, Dwarven Holds
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
They make use of very pure metal coins, whose value cannot be put in doubt by foreign traders. The main coins are the fingertip sized gold standard and the pure silver star. A gold standard is worh 30 stars.
Atlas Continent
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Items
Related Ethnicities

Trade agreements

The clan of the rat is really valued as a partner by the republican cities, being to one another a huge source of income.

Trade agreements

The republics are a very valued ally of the Empire, who knows it needs them to defend their coastal regions against Hyrum attacks. Also, the dwarves know that Aquisgran is the only thing preventing a land attack on the Republics.

Trade agreements

Despite the fact that the Republics envy the privileged position of Lidas in the oriental trade they know that trading with them is not optional.

Peace with ocasional wars for the domain of some island or trade route

They don't get along with Umbria due to their rivalry and the struggles over the black island, among others, but that does not stop them from trading with each other.

Peace with ocassional war for the islands

Alfra doesn't like the followers of Uz.

Cold War

Hyrum hates the thorn on their sides that the republican navy is on their sides. Despite that, Hyrum knows that is no match for them on sea and that a land attack is not a viable choice until they conquer enough of the Aquisgran Empire to conquer them. Also the Republics know that war against Hyrum is not profitable enough.

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